P1 Platform

A modern platform with efficiency at its heart.


A platform focused on making life easier for advisers, allowing you to concentrate on advising, not admin. We aim to provide a better platform experience for advisers and their clients, without the additional cost.

We created the P1 Platform because we observed how others operated and knew there was a better way. Our focus is on delivering innovations and technology that enable advisers to prioritise their clients, rather than the administration of their advice.

Cut the fuss with the P1 Platform so you can continue delivering the service your clients truly value.

Save your time, while saving your clients money.

Key benefits of our platform


    Tired of chasing paper forms? Enjoy a fully digital and paperless experience where account opening and administration take minutes, not days.

    With a fee of 0.15% capped at £1 million and £0 admin fee on ISA, JISA, GIA, and Accumulation SIPP accounts; there’s a reason we’re #1 for Value For Fees Charged*.

    With 12 and counting integrations with popular back-office adviser tools, we’re a platform that fits into your processes and business.

    Rated #1 Platform for Quality of Customer Service, Technical Support, and BDM Support by Advisers in Platforum’s Adviser Research*.

    We are a forward-looking, innovative platform. We’ve launched Report Pilot, the P1 Client App, and added Lombard Loans, all to help you deliver advice easily.

    Split investment accounts into multiple pots, allowing true flexibility in how you manage your client’s account


Based on 1,709 Adviser reviews as part of Platforum’s UK Adviser Platforms May 2024 Report






P1 Platform Price

Our efficiency allows us to drive down costs

Platform Assets


£0 – £1,000,000 0.15%*
£1,000,000 + 0.00%**

*Subject to a minimum charge of £5 per month (£60 per annum) per client account.
**Subject to a maximum charge of £125 per month (£1,500 per annum) per client.



GIA £0
Trust £0
Third Party £0***
P1 Pension (Accumulation) £0
P1 Pension (Drawdown) £10 + VAT per month
P1 Pension (Transfer Out) £15 + VAT

***Subject to any Third Party Product provider charge.

Asset Type


ETF 0.04%****

****Subject to a minimum fee of £4 per trade. Trades placed within a regular model portfolio rebalance or investment change will be aggregated.

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Who is the P1 Platform for?

Client Focused Financial Advisers
Platform should enable advice, not hinder it. We’re here to support advice firms that want to spend more time serving their clients, not doing admin. Our easy-to-use and low-cost platform is designed to benefit your clients by freeing you to focus on them.
Investment Managers
Operate your investment services through a low-cost and efficient platform. You can service both direct clients and regulated intermediaries. Read a case study on a hosted Investment Manager that used the P1 Platform to move their business forward.
Growing Financial Advice Firms
Firms looking to grow need a platform that supports that. From straight-through processing to deep insight into your business via our Report Pilot, we’re an innovative platform focused on efficiency who’ll integrate into and work with your business, not drag it down.



    Wide range of available accounts, including, ISA, JISA, GIA, SIPP, Offshore Bonds and 3rd Party Products

    15+ and counting DFMS on the P1 Platform including some of the biggest names in our industry.

    Over 2800 available investment options, including ETFs, Investment Trusts, and Direct Equities

    Join over 100 advice firms using a modern, employee-owned and profitable investment platform


Integrates seamlessly with different services

Available Investment Partners

pangea impact investment logo
Adam Rowbottom, Financial Planner & Director Moffatts Financial Planning
“Within weeks of going live with the P1 Platform, we were finally able to offer our clients a slick, simple system that provided exactly what clients wanted in a cost-effective way. The behind-the-scenes support is rarely required but when it is, it is of top quality. All the staff answer the telephone straight away, reply to emails promptly and all know exactly what they are doing. The days of the incumbent providers are numbered if you adopt this system. We were utterly disappointed at the total deterioration of other platform providers over the last few years.”
Nick Skelhorn, Managing Director Corrival Capital
“As an investment manager who provides services to clients and financial advisers, adopting the P1 Platform has enabled us to significantly reduce the cost of taking-on and managing clients, mainly due to its digital client onboarding and reporting capabilities. Unusually for this industry, instead of pocketing the difference for ourselves, we took the decision to pass these cost-savings on to our clients by reducing and capping our own management fees. We’ve found the platform is well designed, providing an intuitive on-the-go experience for professionals like myself, and, importantly, my clients. The support from the P1 team has been great at every step.”
Daniel Lawrence, Director Perry Monroe
“After deciding to outsource the management of the Perry Monroe portfolios, we spoke to seven different Investment Managers to understand how they could work with us in a collaborative approach to managing the portfolios. P1 stood out in a number of areas, they listened to us and the needs of our clients and had a very similar approach to Investment Management as ourselves. They offered unrivalled access to the management team, a flexible approach to working together and their services are competitively priced.”

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