Meet the team – Gordon Scott

Gordon Scott, Investment Manager: A man who's sailed the seven seas with a pint of real ale in hand.

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As a team with all different backgrounds and interesting stories to tell, we thought we’d take the time to let you virtually meet us. As technology develops and 2020 has shown the world has moved to more digital interactions over the face to face, so we thought this may help you put a face to the name. This week we spoke to Gordon Scott, one of our Investment Managers.

Meet Gordon Scott, P1 Investment Manager

What was your journey to P1?

I started my career in accountancy, then I taught sailing, skippering a travelling yacht before entering luxury yachting as a mate (2nd In Charge). After many years of yachting, I decided It was time to settle down on land! In 2015 I left the yachting world to further an existing interest of mine and do some exams that would help me break into the financial industry. Having gained some exams, I went on the hunt for a career in Investment Management and found P1. A very different way of life, I bet? You could say that!

What is it you do for P1?

The clue is in the title! I’m an Investment Manager, so I work very closely alongside Will, our Chief Investment Officer. Typically, an Investment manager provides financial analyses for a variety of investment matters. Thanks for that Gordon don’t think you could’ve made that any dryer if you tried. Well, I look after our AIM portfolio service (For IHT purposes) and also our Investor Visa Service so specialise in the direct investment aspect, alongside researching funds and other investments. Is that better? Yes, thank you!

What would you see as a success for P1 and yourself?

Hmm, that’s a tough question, I think starting with P1 it would have to be making the top 5 investment management firms in the UK and being listed. I’d like to have an industry-leading AIM/IHT and Investor Visa Service whilst leading a small direct equity team is a good aim. On a personal note, it would have to be in a financially stable situation so I can return to the seas whether that’s buying a boat or something else as I do love sailing Gordon that sounds lovely.

Without sounding like marketing, how would you summarise what P1 is about from your perspective?

P1 is an investment management company whose ethos is about investing without being complicated or opaque. P1 is unique to every other platform, and we believe simplicity is key. I’m taken aback by that Gordon, an excellent sales pitch! I sound exactly like Jonathan, maybe I’m in the wrong role, or I’ve spent too long sat next to him hearing him on the phone.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which colleague would you hope to be stranded with?

I think I would have to pick Jonathan, we both have a love for real ales so we’d happily pass the days by sipping on the beer (another of our team who has a very rosy image of what a desert island is). If there was no beer, I’d have no clue who to pick. I am sat here, are you saying no one is better than anyone else, am I really that bad to spend time with? Yeah sorry, just realised that was probably a bit harsh. (hasn’t changed his answer though)

What book are you reading right now, and what’s a book everyone should read?

So, a book I’m currently reading is called Swallows and Amazons, I’m reading it to the kiddies. It’s a lovely book about a family who are holidaying, sailing is a crucial detail, in the Lake District and all the adventures they get up to. A book I believe everyone should read is a Bruce Chaplin novel called On the Black Hill. What makes you say the Bruce Chatwin novel is a book everyone should read? The book is about two identical twins who had been making a nuisance of themselves. The story is about the bond they create but due to circumstance, they must spend time apart, but they always manage to come back together. What I’m getting at is that teamwork and companionship are key in life. Powerful words there, very sage – wasn’t expecting such wise words, which is my fault for judging!

What was your first investment?

The First Direct Equity investment was RSA Insurance Group which promptly enacted a share consolidation and rights issue that benefitted my holding favourably demonstrating the merits of clear action from management having a positive effect on market sentiment. Sounding like a true investment manager.

This is a curveball so think carefully about your answer if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? A very good question, did Harry think of that one? Maybe! So I think any investment manager would say the same thing, it would have to be to see the future. I only say this so you could see what potential assets I should invest in. Very magnanimous of you think of it from a work perspective. That was an incredibly sensible answer, what would you say if you weren’t thinking like an investment manager? Tough one, I think I’d go for the presence of mind, I know making mistakes is all part of life but It would be nice to always be sensible. Thanks, Gordon, really enjoyed this interview and feel like I know a lot better.