P1 Investment Management launches new sustainable multi-asset fund

The TM P1 Sustainable World fund is modelled on P1’s flagship Ethical MPS, which has returned 24% since late 2017

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P1 Investment Management (P1) has launched a sustainable multi-asset fund, managed by P1’s CIO Will Dickson and it’s Head of Sustainable Investment, Dr Quintin Rayer.

The TM P1 Sustainable World Fund OEIC is built upon P1’s successful Ethical Temperate Portfolio, which has returned over 24% since inception in late 2017. The fund comprises a diversified range of sustainable investments with an initial AMC of 0.5%.

Dickson said: “Following the success of our ethical model portfolios, we’re excited to bring this fund to market. It provides an easily accessible and high quality sustainable investment solution. We know advisers need a straightforward solution for different clients; whether that’s as a core holding, or just to dip a green toe in the water within a wider portfolio, our fund allows either. There’s no greenwashing here; investors will be holding investments with robust sustainability policies.”a

About the TM P1 Sustainable World Fund OEIC

Uniquely, the fund has three sustainability objectives which are reported-on alongside performance:

  • 100% fossil divested, including both extraction and production of fossil fuels.
  • Minimum allocation of 10% to renewable energy production.
  • Target to promote carbon-neutrality, as this will be essential to tackle climate change. Initially, 25% of the fund will meet this target, rising to 85% by 2030. To meet the target, holdings will have 10% or more invested in firms with net-zero carbon emissions; or achieving net-zero emissions by 2030; or actively engaging with firms to achieve this.

Dr. Rayer commented: “The fund selects holdings with the most robust sustainability criteria and we work with managers to raise standards”. Noting that investors are understandably cautious of greenwashing with the industry seemingly flush with new green funds, he said “We do the due diligence, drawing on P1’s extensive sustainable investment experience supported by our ethical oversight committee, so investors can be confident they’re actually invested in what they’d expect when investing sustainably.”

Dr. Rayer added; “Appalling damage is being done to Earth’s delicate climate balance. Our ambitious climate-friendly investment policies are designed to help investors support the low-carbon transition.”

Read more about the fund here.

Download Factsheet: TM P1 Sustainable World Fund Factsheet v5