Walls & Futures joins P1 Net-Zero Carbon (NZC10) as part of its Ethical Investment Policy roll out

NZC adds carbon-neutral social housing, an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle that helps ensure the whole of society meets net-zero goals.

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Walls & Futures REIT plc (“WAFR”) the Ethical Housing Investor and developer today announced it had joined P1 Investment Management’s Net-Zero Carbon (NZC10) target as part of its Ethical Investment Policy roll out.

The Net-Zero Carbon (NZC10) target was devised by P1 Investment Management with guidance from climate scientists and an external Ethical Oversight Committee and seeks to directly focus investment ton carbon-neutrality by fund managers concerned about ethical and sustainability issues.

Over £8.00 billion in Assets Under Management have adopted NZC10 and include the Aegon Global Sustainable Equity Fund, Artemis Positive Future Fund, Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity Fund, Lion trust Sustainable Future Corporate Bond Fund, Montanaro Better World Fund, Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund and WHEB Sustainability Fund.

Joe McTaggart, CEO of Walls & Futures REIT plc commented:

“As we move forward through a period of growth, our Ethical Investment Policy will guide our thinking to ensure we deliver on our mission in a responsible manner, mindful of our environmental and social impact.

As a developer of Specialist Supported Housing we are committed to delivering buildings that are net zero carbon emissions over their whole lives. Our intention is to utilise the framework created by the UK Green Building Council on our bespoke housing solution for Autism, both minimising the carbon emissions from the construction process and emission for the in-use operational energy.”

Our believe our Ethical Investment Policy will serves as a screening guide for individual and institutional investors seeking credible and impactful ESG/ethical investments”

 Dr Quintin Rayer, Head of Sustainable Investment, P1 Investment Management Commented:

“Ethical investors often focus on industries and society becoming carbon-neutral but we must not forget the significant footprint of the buildings we use. We are delighted that the Walls & Futures REIT has adopted the NZC Target. Sustainable carbon-neutral social housing is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that helps ensure the whole of society meets net-zero goals.

Having a REIT embrace NZC10 shows its flexibility and ease of adoption across many asset classes, which was one of our aims when we first envisioned the target. That the first REIT to join is a developer of Specialist Supported Housing, raises the ethical bar, and makes us very proud of the calibre of those who are part of it.”

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