P1 launch Reponsible Passive range of portfolios

Expanding our passive range to cater for investors and advisers that seek low-cost, but responsible investment portfolios.

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P1 Investment Management is proud to announce the launch of our Responsible Passive Portfolio range. The portfolio range was created to meet the demand from our clients for a low-cost option for ethical and sustainable investing. Our investment team constructed five responsible portfolios based on our existing passive portfolio range and combined them with our industry-leading approach to ethical investment.

Responsible Investment


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At P1 we recognise that investment has a role to play in helping society control climate change, and steer global economies towards net zero emissions. This is why all funds included in the portfolios meet P1’s Fossil Divestment requirement, meaning they are not investing in companies that are predominantly involved in the production of fossil fuels. Furthermore, we understand that responsible investment is more than tackling climate change, it has a broader role to play in society. We will select funds from the passive investment universe that can help address issues across Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) by imposing additional screens, criteria and risk management techniques focused on ESG.

Responsible passive investment is another pillar that supports investors’ ability to improve society and the environment via allocating capital. While the funds are passive in operation, we still actively engage them to ensure they meet our high ethical standards and use a proprietary due diligence process to screen the funds. We ensure that funds used in our portfolios are signed up to UN Principles on Responsible Investment (UN PRI), UN Global Compact and have adopted 2020 UK Stewardship Code.

Dr Quintin Rayer, P1’s Head of Ethical and Sustainable Investment and recently shortlisted for Outstanding Individual Contribution to Sustainable Investment, will co-manage the portfolios alongside P1’s CIO Will Dickson and the investment team. Quintin leads our ethical investment service which is consistently recognised at industry awards and delivers a truly ethical answer to responsible investing.

“With the increasing growth in availability of responsibly focussed passive investments, and clear client interest, we are pleased to announce the launch of the P1 Responsible Passive range. We have constructed these models through combining our disciplined focus on costs with selecting those index funds and ETFs that have the best responsible investment policies. Importantly, these portfolios will be fully fossil divested, giving clients assurance that there will be no exposure to coal, oil or gas extraction or production.”  Will Dickson, P1’s CIO.

Responsible Passive Investment Portfolio Details:

  • Name: Responsible Passive
  • Portfolios Range: Cautious, Moderately Cautious, Moderate, Moderately Adventurous, Adventurous
  • DFM Charge: 0.1%
  • Average Portfolio OCF: 0.17% – 0.19%
  • Portfolio Criteria: All funds must meet the P1 Fossil divestment requirement of not investing in companies that are predominately involved in the production of coal, oil and gas. Funds will be selected from those within the Passive fund universe that impose additional screens and criteria to their indices, addressing issues across Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). We will ensure that the fund managers are signed up to the UN PRI, UN Global Compact and have adopted 2020 UK Stewardship Code, meeting the minimum standards for ESG.
  • Availability: P1 Platform, Aviva, Embark and Nucleus

If you’d like to learn more about this range of portfolios and view the factsheets, get in contact or email Jonathan Richards.