Introducing the P1 Asset Tracker Portfolio Range

We've renamed the P1 Passive Portfolio Service to P1 Asset Tracker and lowered the price of the service on the P1 Platform.

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P1 Investment Management is changing the name of its Passive Portfolio Service’ to the ‘Asset Tracker Portfolio Service’.

We take a holistic approach to portfolio management and asset allocation. We understand that a portfolio of passive investments, such as index funds and ETFs, should have an actively managed strategic allocation and be consistently reviewed to ensure the portfolio uses the most accurate and cost-effective investments. By actively managing our clients’ portfolios, we can evolve investments to reflect a changing environment.

Renaming our ‘Passive Portfolio Service’ to ‘Asset Tracker Portfolio Service’ reflects this approach. The service is a discretionary investment management service that actively monitors and manages a portfolio of passive investments that track underlying assets. We will continue that each portfolio is appropriately diversified, monitor risk levels, conduct quarterly re-balancing, focus on lowering overall portfolio costs, and make active decisions. 

The name change will also apply to our Responsible Passive Portfolio range. This range of responsibly managed ESG-themed passive instruments will become the “P1 Responsible Asset Tracker Portfolios”. 

Asset Tracker Price Drop

Alongside the name change, we are reducing the portfolio management fee to just 0.08% for both the Asset Tracker and the Responsible Asset Tracker when accessed via on the P1 Platform.

Financial Advisers will now be able to provide their clients with an investment platform and discretionary portfolio management service for just 0.23% combined. This is exceptional value and lower cost than most third-party platform or discretionary portfolio management charges individually.

The Asset Tracker portfolio range will remain at 0.1% on third-party platforms, with average underlying fund costs of costs of 0.08% and 0.17% for the Asset Tracker and Responsible Asset Tracker portfolio ranges respectively, combing to make a very competitive all-in investment charge of 0.18% and 0.27%. 

Will Dickson Chief Investment OfficerWill Dickson, P1’s CIO, said, “While the fundamental investment strategy of the portfolios and service remains the same, we want the name to reflect the true nature of the service – active discretionary management of a portfolio of passive, asset-tracking, instruments. Our active approach to portfolio management keeps the average portfolio underlying fund OCF across the service at 0.08% while delivering industry-leading performance.”

If you’d like to access or learn more about our Asset Tracker and Responsible Range, please get in touch with Jonathan Richards.