P1 Asset Tracker Range now EV Risk Rated

Easily align our portfolios to your client's risk-profile with our EV risk-rated Asset Tracker Portfolio Range

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The P1 Asset Tracker Portfolio Range is now risk-rated by EV’s Fund Risk-Rating service! Having the P1 portfolios rated-rated allows financial advisers to quickly and seamlessly match the right portfolio to their client’s risk profile. The service covers 5, 7, and 10 risk-level profiles, allowing you to select the correct investment for each client.  

P1 Asset Tracker Portfolio diagram showing 6 Asset Tracker Portfolios and 5 Responsible Asset Tracker portfolois along with EV Risk Rate logoWe take a holistic approach to portfolio management and asset allocation. We understand that a portfolio of passive investments, such as index funds and ETFs, should have an actively managed strategic allocation and be consistently reviewed to ensure the portfolio uses the most accurate and cost-effective investments. By actively managing our model portfolios, we can select investments to reflect a changing environment.

The risk-rating service from EV ensures you can easily find the best-fit portfolio for your client’s risk profile. In addition, compare each portfolio’s potential returns and volatility to make a more informed decision for your client. By risk-rating our portfolios with EV, we’ve made it easier to align our investment portfolios to your client’s financial goals.

Our asset tracker portfolios have been constructed with a long-term time horizon, limiting the need for regular intervention. This minimises transaction fees as we only make changes to the portfolio for rebalancing or where the transaction cost is outweighed by saving from an ongoing fee. As a result, this allows us to continue striving to provide awarding-winning investment management at low costs. Portfolio management fees are just 0.08% when used on the P1 Platform and 0.1% on third-party platforms.

Financial Advisers will now be able to provide their clients with an investment platform and discretionary portfolio management service for just 0.23% combined. This is exceptional value and lower cost than most third-party platforms or discretionary portfolio management charges individually.

This will allow you to better serve your clients by giving them access to risk-rated funds that can help them achieve their investment objectives.

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