New Retirement Income Portfolios and renaming of their core hybrid portfolios

P1 Investment Management unveils expansion of Retirement Income Portfolio Range and renaming of Hybrid Portfolio Range

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Wealth Accumulator and Retirement Income Portfolios Diagrams

P1 Investment Management is expanding on its existing income portfolio range with the introduction of three new portfolios, at different risk levels and renaming the range, Retirement Income Portfolios. This comprehensive series includes five portfolios tailored to different risk appetites, enabling clients to achieve their retirement income goals. The expansion comes as the shift in markets and central bank policy has made generating income manageable. The primary objective of the Retirement Income Portfolios is to offer a targeted income stream alongside a capital growth objective. The name Retirement Income is to clearly align the focus to the use and simplify terminology for end clients. P1 have a long pedigree in managing income focused portfolios. This expansion into a full suite of models completes this offering and enables a smooth transition from wealth accumulation to retirement income distribution.

Furthermore, P1 Investment Management is pleased to announce the rebranding of its renowned Hybrid range of portfolios.

The existing Hybrid Portfolio range, comprising five portfolios across five risk levels, has been renamed as the Wealth Accumulator Portfolios. The renaming is designed to match the portfolios with the objectives of the investors and make it clearer to end clients.

Both ranges have a DFM fee of 0.25% up to a £1m and 0.1% after.

Will Dickson HeadshotCommenting on these exciting developments, Will Dickson, CIO of P1 Investment Management, said, “We are thrilled to unveil our renamed Wealth Accumulator Portfolios and expansion of our Retirement Income range. These enhancements represent our dedication to continuously evolving and providing tailored investment solutions that align with the diverse needs of our clients at different stages of their financial journey. We want to support our clients by using language they’ll recognise and remove industry parlance. We believe these changes will empower financial advisers and their clients to achieve their long-term wealth goals and secure a comfortable retirement.”

These new names will be reflected in July 2023, along with the launch of the new retirement income portfolios.