TM P1 Sustainable World Fund Awarded Five Globes by Morningstar

Fund awarded five globes by Morningstar confirming its high commitment to sustainability

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In a world striving for a sustainable future, investment choices play a crucial role in shaping the path we take. The TM P1 Sustainable World Fund, a fossil-free, multi-asset investment fund, has emerged as a shining example of financial innovation driving positive change. Recently, the fund was awarded the five globes rating by Morningstar, affirming its unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible investing and putting it in the top 10% of sustainable funds.

A Catalyst for Change

The TM P1 Sustainable World Fund stands as a testament to the power of investment in paving the way for a greener future. With a dedicated allocation to renewable energy and property investment in social housing, this fund is proactively addressing some of our time’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. By eschewing fossil fuels and embracing sustainable assets, the fund is actively working towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner, more equitable world.

Morningstar, a renowned investment data company that assesses fund performance and sustainability, bestowed the highest possible sustainability rating of five globes upon the TM P1 Sustainable World Fund. Their rating system assesses a fund is managing its ESG risks and opportunities compared to its peers. They use company-level ESG data from Sustainalytics to calculate the ratings for funds, and then sort the funds into five normally distributed groups comparing portfolio sustainability score with that of its peers. A five globe rating means that the TM P1 Sustainable World Fund is in the top 10% of funds. A full description of the process can be found at Morningstar. This accolade recognises the fund’s outstanding efforts in sustainability, environmental consciousness, and strong governance practices.

Quintin Rayer HeadshotP1’s Head of Ethical and Sustainable Investment, Dr Quintin Rayer, said, “We are honoured to have received the esteemed five globes sustainability rating from Morningstar. This recognition validates the fund’s and our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible investment practices. It underscores that our approach is not merely focused on financial returns but also on making a positive difference in our world. We firmly believe that sustainable investing is not just a trend but a necessity for a prosperous and resilient future.”


Download the TM P1 Sustainable World Factsheet