Canada Life Now Available On P1 Platform: Increasing Adviser’s Choice

Wealth Preservation Account and Premiere Investment & Premiere Europe Offshore Bonds Now Available

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Canada Life’s award-winning offshore investment accounts, bonds, and their innovative Wealth Preservation Account are now available on the P1 Platform. This integration aims to facilitate an easier life for advisers by providing seamless access to these award-winning offshore and estate planning products without any unnecessary restrictions.

Canada Life LogoThe P1 Platform is designed to empower financial advisers by seamlessly integrating with leading providers, including Canada Life. We understand that you need flexibility when helping your clients meet their financial goals. So, we take an agnostic approach, allowing advisers the freedom to choose the providers that best suit their client’s. With Canada Life’s renowned offshore investment accounts and bonds now available on the P1 Platform, advisers can efficiently manage their clients’ investments in tax-efficient ways, even if they have utilised their yearly ISA and pension allowances.

Providing you flexibility

By partnering with Canada Life on the P1 Platform, you can access their highly acclaimed offshore investment bonds, which boast a prestigious Defaqto Gold rating and have won numerous awards. You can find more information on the offshore investment on Canada Life’s website.

The Wealth Preservation Account offered by Canada Life is a novel solution when it comes to inheritance tax planning. This innovative product allows customers to potentially reduce their inheritance tax liability while retaining full access to trust assets through optional yearly payments. After seven years, the gifted assets are completely excluded from the estate, and any investment growth is shielded from inheritance tax from day one. Now, with the P1 Platform, advisers can seamlessly incorporate this powerful tool into their clients’ estate planning strategies, offering them peace of mind and the opportunity to preserve their wealth for future generations. Find out more at Canada Life.

The P1 Platform’s low-cost, high-efficiency approach is aimed at simplifying advisers’ lives. By automating administrative tasks with straight-through, paperless processing and offering a user-friendly interface, the platform enables advisers to dedicate more time to providing valuable advice to their clients, not doing admin. The agnostic nature of the platform allows advisers to work with the providers they use, and integrate with the software they run their business with, all without any unnecessary restrictions, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Integrating Canada Life’s award-winning products into the P1 Platform is another step in the platform’s mission to enable financial advisers. We work with the providers you work with, enabling your business and removing restrictions.