P1’s new API a launchpad for advisers’ own bespoke tech and integrations

Integration software now a ‘must have’ if advisers are to optimise their businesses

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Press Release, 21/06/2023:

P1 Investment Services (P1), the provider of the low-cost P1 Platform, today launches its Application Programming Interface (API) – a tool to allow advisers to seamlessly integrate the software they use with the P1 Platform. With financial advisers already under regulatory pressure, increasing costs and consumer duty just around the corner, seamless software integrations are becoming a ‘must-have’ to operate an efficient business with longevity. Access and use of the P1 API is simple, allowing data to flow between systems freely and securely.

The API manager has been built by P1 with three key objectives to help simplify workflow, get the most out of data, and improve the client experience:

  1. Integration: making it easy for other applications and systems to interact with the P1 Platform, increasing platform functionality over time, reducing human errors, and removing administrative burden.
  2. Automation: allowing more tasks to be automated between different systems by connecting workflows.
  3. Innovation: external providers and users of the P1 Platform can connect their own applications and innovate without having to rely on the P1 development team.

All three elements are critical for operational efficiency and allow advisers to focus on advice, not admin. Financial software and product providers that do not facilitate easy integration will hinder financial advisers going forward.

James Priday, CEO of P1 says:

“We’re an investment platform built on streamlining what other investment platforms do and leading on technological efficiencies. Many advisers will inevitably begin to develop their own applications, through Microsoft’s Power Platform, for example.

“That is why we’ve launched the P1 API Manager; to make it easier for advises to integrate with their own or their software providers’ systems seamlessly. We already have some very exciting deep integration projects in progress, and we’re looking forward to announcing these in the coming months. The platform is low-cost, and we pride ourselves on fantastic service levels- now we aim to lead the platform market on deep systems integration.”

Focused firmly on the future, P1 API Manager is unconstrained by dated systems and processes used by many legacy investment platforms. Instead, it is designed to allow data to flow between the other systems and applications customers use.

The P1 Platform, operated by P1 Investment Services, is open to financial advisers and investment managers, and consistently tops the Lang Cat’s Adviser Ratings survey for service.

Tom Martin, Principal Software Engineer at P1 says:

I’ve witnessed first-hand how technology can empower and drive innovation within the financial sector. Our new API Management tool is the next step in that journey, facilitating seamless integration and setting the stage for a new era of automation, efficiency, and user-friendly experiences.

“The API Manager is the foundation upon which  advisers using the P1 Platform can build their own innovative applications. We believe that enabling advisers to freely develop and integrate the applications they use with our API is not just a move towards convenience—it’s a stride into the inevitable future.”

Reported in CityWire, New Model Adviser 21/06/2023