Integrated within 24hrs: P1 Platform and Contengo

Cordiner Wealth were able to integrate the P1 Platform with their Contengo Reporting Portal in less than 24 hours.

3 minute read

The P1 Platform is pleased to announce its successful integration with Contengo. 

The integration, completed in less than 24 hours, highlights the impact that open API’s and P1’s recently launched API Manager will have on adviser services. This swift integration was undertaken for advice firm Cordiner Wealth, users of the P1 Platform and sets a benchmark for integration and how financial services providers enable advisers. 

Contengo is a wealth tech provider who works with advisers, wealth managers and paraplanners. They deliver practice-management solutions that provide a “single source of the truth” and feature fully-branded, customisable client reports and online communications portals for firms and their clients. 

Ben Cordiner, Director of Cordiner Wealth, said “We have been nothing but impressed with P1’s speed of development and ability to provide us access to our client data. It’s been a refreshing change to deal P1 when compared to some of the other platforms who seem unwilling to provide the same level of access to our client data.” 

The data Contengo is now pulling from the P1 Platform includes client details, valuations, fees, and transactions. This swift integration attests to the versatility and user-friendly design of P1’s OPEN (no cost to the adviser or other provider) API. 

Charles Southey, Founder and CTO of Contengo, praised the rapid turnaround time, saying: “It’s certainly been by far the quickest turnaround time to get a platform feed up and running we’ve ever had!” 

This milestone demonstrates the flexibility and power of P1’s open API. The API Manager site provides an avenue for users to self-serve and integrate with the platform without the need for bespoke builds. They can integrate their existing tech stack or build their own software to solve an inefficiency they’ve spotted. 

James Priday, P1’s CEO said, “This is exactly why we launched the P1 Platform API Manager, to enable advisers to take control of their tech stack. We want to enable advisers, reduce barriers and admin inefficiencies for them and let them focus on advising and growing their business.” 

The speed of the integration highlights how advisers are in control of their journey. Gone are the days of chasing one provider to speak to another, arranging a meeting with the development teams, building out the requirements, and then scheduling the work into the developer’s pipeline.  

This move underlines P1’s commitment to facilitating the work of advice firms using the P1 Platform. By enabling fast and easy integration with third-party systems, P1 want to enable advisers to focus on advice, not admin. 


If you’re interested in learning more about the P1 Platform, integrating the platform into your tech stack, or you’re a provider and want to integrate with the P1 Platform, get in touch.