The P1 Platform launches customer mobile app

New client app puts clients wealth in their hands

2 minute read

The P1 Platform (P1) today launches its customer app to allow advised clients to see their platform account anytime, anywhere.  The app has been designed to foster deeper connections and greater trust between advisers and their clients. 

 The app will give investors access to their platform account allowing them to see daily values and performance, as well as a breakdown of their financial products including pensions, general investment accounts, ISAs, JISAs and third-party product accounts. 

Within the app, clients will be given a detailed view of how their investments are spread across asset classes, sectors, funds and geographies. Clients will also have a detailed log of all their account activities and transactions, ensuring transparency and control. They will also have the option to receive push notifications alerting them to any relevant changes made to their account, such as a new ISA being created by their adviser. 

 As Consumer Duty seeks to enhance how advisers interact with their clients, mobile apps add an additional and important engagement tool offering clients visibility and ease of access.  

 The P1 Platform Customer App, which is available through both the Apple app and Google Play stores, connects to the P1 Platform via the firm’s recently launched API and can be white labelled by advisers. 

 James Priday, CEO of P1, says: “Our core belief is that technology should serve as a bridge between financial advisers and their clients, and this is another step towards that end. With the P1 Customer App, we’re offering clients a window into their wealth through the device they most use to access information, their mobile phones. 

 “By keeping clients abreast of their financial journey, advisers can cultivate richer, more meaningful interactions and discussions. Over the next year, we will be rapidly iterating and launching further functionality such as the ability for clients to action payments in and out, and to buy and sell investments through the app. 

 “Crucially, this will be controlled by the client’s adviser who can toggle functionality on and off depending on the service they’re providing to their client.” 

Download the app here.