Annual Reviews in a Click?

P1 Platform Launches ‘Rapid Report’ Feature for Financial Advisers to ease admin burde

2 minute read

Generate detailed client reports in just a few clicks, making annual reviews a cinch for financial advisers and wealth managers.

P1 Platform, the low-cost adviser efficiency platform, has launched its latest tool, ‘Report Pilot’, to release financial advisers from a core admin burden, freeing them to focus on client advice and profit-generating services.

Streamlined Client Reporting & Annual Reviews

client hoilding one of their annual reviews created by the P1 Platform

Currently, preparing individual annual client reviews can be an onerous exercise, taking anything from 30 minutes, for less intricate client accounts, to 2 hours for more complex cases. The new rapid reporting feature is an innovative tool that allows advisers to prepare near-instant Investment and Pension Reviews, as well as Client and Product Review Reports.

The reports can be generated and downloaded into PDF format for client-ready presentations.

Each report is broken down into simple and easy to understand sections, covering regulatory disclosure requirements and projections over any time period specified by the adviser. They feature graphic representations of data rather than complicated tables and verbose explanations so the reports are more engaging and easier to comprehend for end-clients.

Effortless and Efficient

In the next five years advisers will go from 100 client relationships to 250, with the expectation that a single non-fee earner will support 4 advisers, according to NextWealth’s Operational Report (November 2023).

As advisers face increasing employment, insurance and regulatory costs, efficiency and reducing their admin burden is crucial – and P1 Platform is committed to being a key partner to support adviser profitability.

James Priday, Chief Executive of P1 Platform, says:  “We understand how onerous it is for advisers to create detailed yet easy-to-understand client reports, creating an unnecessary time-sap for financial advisers and wealth managers.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. P1’s Rapid Reports feature significantly reduces the time and effort involved in creating client-ready investment and pension reviews.

We are committed to freeing advisers from unnecessary admin drag, so they can focus on advising clients, which is where they deliver real client value. Rapid Reports are the latest development in our continued commitment to affordable innovation and efficiency for financial advisers and wealth managers.”