Ethical Investment on Earth Day: Combating Plastic Pollution

Empowering Ethical Investment: Driving Change in the Fight Against Plastic Pollution on Earth Day

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Today, as we observe Earth Day with a focused theme on combating plastic pollution, the role of ethical investors in addressing this pervasive environmental crisis is more pertinent than ever. Plastic waste, with its alarming global reach, not only scars our landscapes and oceans but also poses severe threats to wildlife and ecosystems. This Earth Day, we reflect on the urgent need for comprehensive action and the significant impact that ethical investment can have in this battle.


Leveraging Ethical Investment to Tackle Plastic Pollution

The Plastic Solutions Investor Alliance (PSIA), which our organization joined in August 2018, epitomises the commitment to using investor influence to mitigate environmental damage. This group of conscientious investors supports policies and companies dedicated to sustainability and actively avoids those contributing to the pollution dilemma.

Scholarly Contributions and Insights

Our dedication to fighting plastic pollution is reinforced by scholarly work, including the 2020 publication of a chapter in “Environmental Policy: An Economic Perspective.” This academic effort delves into the practices of UK-based ethical and sustainable fund managers regarding their approach to investments in plastics. The findings suggest varied levels of commitment and a crucial need for stronger, more consistent policies to address the plastic crisis effectively.

Engagement and Advocacy

Our recent engagements highlight our proactive stance in leveraging investor influence for environmental advocacy:

  • 2021-2022 Initiatives: We engaged with 18 fund houses to support a PSIA-driven investor letter advocating for a global treaty on plastic pollution at the UNEA 5.2 conference, demonstrating the power of collective investor action.
  • 2022-2023 Campaigns: We participated in significant campaigns, including one urging Marks & Spencer to uphold its commitment to reducing plastic usage and another supporting a PSIA statement calling for decisive action from companies on plastic packaging reduction.


Raising Awareness Among Investors

Educating the investment community is critical. Through articles and public discourse, we aim to raise awareness among investors about the importance of ethical investment strategies in combating plastic pollution. By highlighting the direct link between investment choices and environmental impact, we encourage more investors to consider sustainability as a crucial factor in their investment decisions.


Conclusion: A Call to Action on Earth Day

On Earth Day, we are reminded of the powerful role that ethical investors can play in shaping a sustainable future. The fight against plastic pollution requires a united front, combining government action, corporate responsibility, individual choices, and, crucially, strategic investment decisions. As we commemorate today’s focus on reducing plastic waste, let us commit to enhanced actions and stronger collaborations to ensure a healthier planet for future generations.