P1 Investment Management (P1) is a discretionary investment manager working closely with industry professionals, using technology to overcome the restrictions and limitations dominant in many traditional investment houses. We provide efficient and effective solutions, including; model portfolios available through third-party platforms (Hybrid Portfolios, very low-cost Passive Portfolios, and Ethical and Sustainable Investment Portfolios) and a bespoke investment service.

P1 Offices - Senate HouseP1 originated from a Chartered Financial Planning firm who provided investment management solutions to its clients. The investment activities were spun out from that firm into P1 in 2016. Our hybrid portfolios have a five-year track record, and we adopt the same investment methodology throughout our investment portfolios.

At P1 our key focuses are to provide a high level of client service, develop innovative solutions, and reduce costs for our clients. We also strive to raise awareness about the importance of ethical and sustainable investment and increase familiarity with the concept through seminars and lectures. We endeavour to engage with fund houses and to shape the ethical and sustainable investment debate.

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Our head office is in beautiful Devon, however, we operate across the UK and work with international clients.