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Our webinars cover a wide range of topics, designed to help you expand your knowledge. Whether you’re seeking quarterly investment updates, or a better understanding of the investing landscape, our webinars equip you with the knowledge you need.

24 July | AIM to tackle IHT

As more clients have potential IHT liabilities, how can you help them retain control of their assets whilst potentially reducing their liabilities. Gordon Scott delves into AIM investment, and how it can help clients reduce liabilities whilst retaining control and other benefits.

17 July | Lombard Loans on The P1 Platform

P1’s CEO, James Priday, will be joint by David Newman, CEO of Firenze (who recently featured in the Lang Cat’s AdviceTech Catwalk) , to showcase Lombard loans on the P1 Platform. They’ll show how P1 clients can now access a financial service that used to be the reserve of those using private banks.

31 July | Investment Management Overview

A 30-minute webinar held by Joe Terry, highlighting P1’s Investment Management capabilities. We will be going over the following areas: – Who are P1 – What is P1’s approach to IM – How are the products priced – What has performance been like

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30-minute P1 Investment Services Overview

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30-minute P1 Platform Overview

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Don’t worry if you missed one of our webinars. All of our webinars are recorded and uploaded here. Keep checking back for new content.

Date held
2024 Election Special Looking at possible outcomes for upcoming UK and US elections and how markets could respons 02 07 2024
P1 Quarterly Investment Update The P1 Team look at macro data and how markets are shifting. Review P1 portfolios and their performance and any major changes. 15 05 2024
Can Ethical Investing Regain its Shine? P1’s CIO looks at the recent underperformance of ESG and Ethical investment and delves in to what’s next for it. 20 03 2024