Digital Asset Technology Adopters

Some of the most well known institutions and companies across the globe are adopting blockchain and digital assets

Adoption is already happening

81 of worlds 100 top global companies are using or exploring blockchain technology as part of thie business. Of the the 81, 27 have fully functioing live products using blockchain 1. Across this group of the world’s top best companies bockchain technology is being used to solve problems, increase efficiences and expand business. With the top companies in the world across sectors adopting the technology its proliferation through industries becomes inevitable. Blockchain technology reaches across services, industries and regions. TheseĀ  include:

  • Payments
  • Identity and reputation
  • Trade finance
  • Banking
  • Supply chain accountability
  • Logistics
  • Voting

At P1 we believe as more companies and institutions across the globe recognise the benefitts of blockchain technology and digital assets the investment opportunity will increase.

Companies & Institutions adopting or facilating business with digital assets and blockchains

Global Adopters

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company IBM Hyperledger Supply Chain IBM Blockchain
Aegon Re-insurance BSi
AIA Group Hyperledger Insurance Linux Foundation
AIG Insurance IBM Blockchain
De Beers Tracr Supply Chain
European Investment Bank Ethereum Digital Bond Banque de France
Fidelity ETF Fidelity Digital Assets
Ford Supply Chain IBM Blockchain
IBM Problem Solving IBM Blockchain
Intel Sustainable Mining Intel
JP Morgan Onyx Payments JPM Coin
Mastercard Payments 2
MetLife Ethereum Insurance LumenLabs
Microsoft Digitalize Trust Ourum Blockchain Services
Renault XCEED Supply Chain IBM Blockchain
Shell Onyx Sustainability JP Morgan
Siemens Onyx Payments JP Morgan
Unilever Green Token Supply Chain Sustainability SAP
United Nations Tezos Transparency of Voting Tezos
VISA Payments
Walmart VeChain Supply Chain PwC

Organisations using NFT

Increasingly companies, sports team and retail fashion brands are using NFTs as a way on engaging their customers and fans. NFTs are also important assets in the Metaverse.

Companies, bands, sporting teams and retailers are increasingly using NFTS to engage and market their digital content

NFT Issuers

Adidas Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gmoney, Punks Comic Ethereum
Air Europa TravelX Alorand
Bentley In House Polygon
Budweiser VaynerNFT Ethereum
Burger King Sweet Polygon
Chicago Bulls Dapper Labs Flow
Citroen Veve Immutable X
CNN Oortto Flow
Coca Cola Virtue and Tafi Ethereum
Dolce&Gabbana UNDX Ethereum
Forbes FTX Ethereum
Fox Blockchain Creative Labs Eluvio
Getty Images Candy Digital Palm
Golden State Warriors FTX Solana
Gucci 10KFT Ethereum
Hasbro Worldwide Asset eXchange WAX
Lacoste Ethereum
Louis Vuitton Aura Blockchain Consortium Ethereum
Macy’s Reometry Polygon
Manchester United Tezos Tezos
Mclaren Tezos Tezos
McDonald’s Ethereum
Mercedes F1 FTX Solana
MLB Candy Digital Palm
Nike RTFKT Nike
Nivea Polygon
Paramount Recur Polygon
Pepsi VaynerNFT Ethereum
Pizza Hut Rarible Ethereum
Prada Aura Blockchain Consortium Ethereum
Redbull Racing Tezos Tezos
Reebok Worldwide Asset Consortium WAX
Taco Bell Rarible Ethereum
Time NFT Studios Ethereum