P1 Sponsors UK Bitcoin Event

10% Discount using the code P1ten. Join us at the UK’s premier Bitcoin Event. 21-22 October, Assembly Rooms Edinburgh.

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P1 are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring the first UK Bitcoin Conference- hosted in Edinburgh and organised by The Bitcoin Collective. It’s going to be a fantastic event with some of the world’s best speakers in the space (including Jeff BoothGreg Foss and James Lavish, CFA), focused on educating and informing.

This isn’t about promoting the Bitcoin ‘coin’ or encouraging people to invest into it. This is about bringing awareness to the underlying technology and an understanding of what the bitcoin network is, and how it could fundamentally change the financial system.

Whether you hate Bitcoin (or ‘crypto’), think it’s irrelevant, you’re just mildly curious, or you think it’s great- PLEASE do join us at the event. We don’t guarantee that your view on Bitcoin will change, but we promise that you’ll learn a lot and gain a new perspective.

If you’re buying a ticket, please use the discount code P1ten for a 10% discount on the price. You can buy tickets here .

If you’re a financial adviser or investment manager that would like to attend, please message me and I’ll ensure we meet up at the event.

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Book your ticket using code P1ten for 10% off

So why are P1 invovled?

It’s vitally important that people look beyond the Bitcoin price and the (usually) uninformed media headlines. We want people to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, understand the technology, and hear from brilliant speakers who challenge people to think differently.

  • Challenging the Status Quo

    P1 is about challenging the status quo (the price of investment platforms and discretionary investment management, the ability to operate a fully digital advised investment platform etc.). Bitcoin challenges the status quo.
  • Embrace Technology

    Blockchain technology will change how shares and funds are traded in the future, so the technology is directly relevant to us as an investment platform provider and investment manager
  • Clarity

    There’s a lot of noise in the ‘crypto’ space because 99% of coins or tokens have little to zero utility (like the dotcom space in the early 2,000s). That means the remaining 1% (including Bitcoin) has been muddied by the rest of the market.
  • Fighting scams with education

    The space is rife with scams, and global financial regulators must get on top of this. The best way to help people avoid scams it to educate and inform.
  • Utility

    Mainstream media focuses on the price of Bitcoin and nothing else, meaning that most people never look beyond that. The price is irrelevant for the purpose of the conference. It’s about getting beneath the price and understanding the fundamentals.

No matter your view on Bitcoin, if you are a financial adviser or investment manager you cannot ignore it. The biggest asset managers in the world are opening access to it and the bitcoin network is growing exponentially.

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