Want to offer ethical investment options to your clients?
We make it easy.

What if principles and potential returns were two sides of the same coin? With P1 Investment Management they can be. There is growing demand among consumers for investments that help to make the world cleaner, greener and more equitable. Tap in to a market that’s good for your business, good for your clients and good for global society. 

Is there a market for ethical investments?

Whether it’s climate change, food poverty or social injustice, more and more people are alert to the challenges we are facing both as a planet and as a global population. People want to support positive change. And they are increasingly prepared to put their money where their mouth is. Ethical investments provide an environment where everyone can win. The business working for positive change gets financial backing; the investor gets the opportunity to drive principles as well as potential returns; and as a financial advisor you get to diversify your service offering – and a lot more besides.

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Give your business more options

If you are interested in offering ethical investments to your clients, a partnership with P1 gives your business plenty of options. We offer a tiered range of risk-rated ethical investment portfolios – providing an option for cautious investors as well as those chasing higher potential returns. We can also create bespoke portfolios for your high-value clients as well as charities and trusts. And for select partners P1 are happy to arrange free CISI accredited training on ethical and sustainable investment. Perfect for your team’s CPD efforts.  

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When we say ethical, we mean ethical

You have a professional reputation to uphold. That’s why we insist on meticulous due diligence on the funds that enter our portfolios. We look to meet the fund managers we work with in person. And we are one of the only discretionary fund managers in the country that has an external ethical oversight committee, to guide our approach to ethical investment – made up of experts in environmental, social, and governance matters. No greenwashing here

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Ready to get started?

Let’s talk about how this could work for your business. To book a free appointment – either in person or over the phone – drop us a line. Let’s move forward and start the conversation.

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