Ethical Investing for advisers

Ethical options for every type of investor

You may have noticed that out there in the market there is a growing clamour for a different type of investment. People want ethical investments that help to drive positive change as well as potential returns – and the market has grown by more than a third since 2016. We are confident – really confident – that this market will continue to grow. That’s why we have made it easy for financial advisors like you to partner with us, with charges that are spectacularly competitive.

Because ethical investment shouldn’t cost the Earth.

People want to invest in ethical companies. We make it easy for you to help them.

The P1 Difference

Want to offer ethical investment options to your clients? We make it easy.

What if principles and potential returns were two sides of the same coin? With P1 Investment Management they can be. There is growing demand among consumers for investments that help to make the world cleaner, greener and more equitable. Tap in to a market that’s good for your business, good for your clients and good for global society.

Give your business more options

If you are interested in offering ethical investments to your clients, a partnership with P1 gives your business plenty of options. We offer a tiered range of risk-rated ethical investment portfolios – providing an option for cautious investors as well as those chasing higher potential returns. We can also create bespoke portfolios for your high-value clients as well as charities and trusts. And for select partners P1 are happy to arrange free CISI accredited training on ethical and sustainable investment. Perfect for your team’s CPD efforts.

An Ethical Partnership

Partnering with P1 gives your business options. What do you get out of it?

If you want to offer ethical investment options to your customers, we have good news. We offer a tiered range of risk-rated ethical investment portfolios. We provide bespoke ethical investment portfolios cherry-picked to meet your client’s ethical ambitions.  And we can even provide free CPD training on ethical and sustainable investments for you and your staff. Best of all, partnering with P1 is incredibly easy and our rates are spectacularly competitive.

Risk-managed ethical investment portfolios

With P1 you get access to four tiers of risk-rated ethical investment portfolios: lower risk, cautious, temperate and growth. That makes it easy to cater for any type of investor, whether they want the opportunity for high returns or are more cautious in their investment approach.

Access to free Continuing Professional Development events

We also help you to expand your professional knowledge – free of charge. Ethical and sustainable investment is a rapidly growing area. For selected business partners our experts can provide complimentary CPD training to your employees or business network. Thanks to our experience, our Ethical Investment seminar is accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).

P1’s Ethical Investment Team

Our team look beyond marketing talk – to find ethical investments that live up to the name

Lots of businesses talk up their environmental or sustainability philosophies and credentials. But when you dig beyond the marketing speak, finding actual ethical credentials of any substance isn’t easy. We know all too well. Because we conduct meticulous due diligence on every fund and investment that enters our portfolio. And we don’t put a fund on our panel until we have interviewed them in person where possible. You – and your clients – can be sure that ethical investments with P1 really are ethical investments. That’s a promise.

Head of Ethical Investment

Introducing Dr Quintin Rayer

As our Head of Research & Ethical Investing, Quintin is the mastermind of our exhaustive due diligence process. He has extensive experience in quantitative fund and risk analysis and has worked for some of the biggest names in financial services. He was also the second person in the UK to earn the Sustainable Investment Professional Certification (SIPC). Besides a wealth of  qualifications, Quintin has an Atmospheric Physics Doctorate from Oxford University and has applied computational models he learnt in engineering to areas of investment. Explore his research here.

We have a fantastic supporting cast too

We have a supporting cast of research and analysis experts – each of whom holds formal qualifications in investment management and averages 12 years of investment experience. Because we care about the authenticity of our investment portfolios, we have voluntarily appointed an external ethical oversight committee to guide our ethical policies. And we are one of the only discretionary find managers in the country to have done so. When we say ethical, we mean ethical.

Meet the full team
“When it comes to investment portfolios with an ethical, ESG or impact consideration, there’s no doubt that P1 are the leaders in their field. Their ethical credentials are solid, and they have a deep knowledge of ESG considerations. What’s more, they are actively effecting change through their relationships with investment managers which is impressive and truly sets them apart from the crowd.”