Ethical Oversight Committee

Experts in the fields of Environment, Social and Governance

P1 Investment Management has taken the unusual step of appointing an external ethical oversight committee to guide its position on ethical and sustainable investment topics and policies. We are one of only a handful of wealth managers and fund houses in the UK to adopt this external monitoring.

The Ethical Oversight Committee reviews ethical and sustainability issues, and topics posed to them by the investment team to ensure that every fund P1 selects has robust ethical investment policies.  P1’s Ethical Oversight Committee meets regularly, engages on ethical and sustainability issues, raises difficult questions and audits our process.

The Ethical Oversight Committee, combined with P1’s proprietary research, ensures that P1 only selects funds that meet high standards.  This helps us avoid funds that are “greenwashed”, merely seeking an ethical label for marketing purposes.

P1 takes ethical and sustainable investing exceptionally seriously.  We employ staff with formally recognised qualifications in ethical and sustainable investment and genuinely understand the issues and challenges surrounding ethical investment. Our Ethical Oversight Committee demonstrates this commitment.

External Ethical Oversight Committee

Prof Grzegorz Trojanowski

Governance Specialist

Grzegorz Trojanowski is Professor of Finance at the University of Exeter Business School. He holds a PhD in Business from Tilburg University. His research interests include empirical corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and international business, with a particular focus on the composition and diversity of boards of directors and of top management teams.

Dr Peter Walton

Environmental Specialist

Pete is the Impact Translation Fellow for the UK Climate Resilience Programme based at the University of Leeds. Prior to this he  worked at the UK Climate Impacts Programme, University of Oxford. He has nearly 20 years researching climate change science with 14 years experience of working climate change adaptation. Pete’s research specifically looks at how decision-makers can better understand and implement climate science, whilst at the same time considering how academics can better communicate their research to support greater engagement. Initially, this was in using the UK Climate Projections, whilst more recently in how to use the science of extreme weather event attribution.

Prof Sarah Waters

Social Specialist

Sarah Waters is Professor of French Studies at the University of Leeds. Her research focuses on the workplace, working conditions and labour reform in France and internationally. She recently completed a major research project on work-related suicides in France that was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. She has published widely in the international media and contributed to radio programmes in Europe and the United States.