People want to invest in ethical companies.
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You may have noticed that out there in the market there is a growing clamour for a different type of investment. People want ethical investments that help to drive positive change as well as potential returns – and the market has grown by more than a third since 2016. We are confident – really confident – that this market will continue to grow. That’s why we have made it easy for financial advisors like you to partner with us, with charges that are spectacularly competitive.

Because ethical investment shouldn’t cost the Earth.

What is ethical investment?

Ethical investments are about supporting businesses that are helping to drive positive change in the world and steering clear of those that have a negative impact. That might be environmental change, financial change or social change. Positive change – positive action – is what increasing numbers of people are calling for. And they are increasingly prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

There are businesses out there that believe in total transparency. And they have made it their mission to do their bit to tackle the environmental, ecological and social challenges that are threatening all of us. Then there are the businesses that don’t actively campaign for change, but are improving the world in other ways – for example through gender equality, carbon offsetting or simply working in a way that doesn’t harm society.  In short, ethical investments are about giving your clients a clear opportunity to support those who are supporting the world. 

Is there a market for ethical investments?

In short, yes. Global ethics and sustainability have never been higher on the social agenda. Whether it’s climate change, food poverty or social injustice, more and more people are alert to the challenges we are facing both as a planet and as a global population. Awareness is one of the watchwords of the modern era – and people are beginning to act. The desire for ethical investments will only continue to grow as wealth trickles down to younger, more socio-politically disruptive generations through inheritance. Those looking to create a sustainable future for their children, are also seeking-out ways to put their money to good. 

Of course, the demand for ethical and sustainable investment isn’t limited to individuals. Pensions, charities and trusts are increasingly held to account – rightly so – and even legally obligated to consider climate change when regarding the type of funds in which they invest. Ethical is for everyone. And we are confident that the emerging trends will become a sea change in the way consumers and businesses approach investment.  Consider recommending ethical investments, or get left behind.

Ethical investments can provide returns without costing your principles

Ethical investments create an environment where everyone can win. The business driving positive change gets financial backing; the investor gets the opportunity to generate returns without compromising their principles; and as a financial advisor you get to diversify your service offering.

Here at P1 Investment Management we recognise that ethical investments are going to become very, very popular – and soon. Ethical and sustainable investment isn’t a trend or fashion, it’s the future of investment. Soon companies will have to justify why they aren’t benefitting society or reducing their carbon footprint. And those who can’t will miss out on investment. That’s why we have made it easy and hassle-free to partner with us and offer our ethical investment portfolios to your clients. All with incredibly competitive costs.

When we say ethical, we mean ethical

You have a professional reputation to uphold. That’s why we insist on meticulous due diligence on the funds that enter our portfolios. We look to meet the fund managers we work with in person. And we are one of the only discretionary fund managers in the country that has an external ethical oversight committee to guide our approach to ethical investment – made up of experts in social, governance and the environment. No greenwashing here.

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