P1’s Ethical Investment Team

Our team look beyond marketing talk – to find ethical investments that live up to the name

Lots of businesses talk up their environmental or sustainability philosophies and credentials. But when you dig beyond the marketing speak, finding actual ethical credentials of any substance isn’t easy. We know all too well. Because we conduct meticulous due diligence on every fund and investment that enters our portfolio. And we don’t put a fund on our panel until we have interviewed them in person where possible. You – and your clients – can be sure that ethical investments with P1 really are ethical investments. That’s a promise.

Introducing Dr Quintin Rayer: ethical investment specialist

As our Head of Research & Ethical Investing, Quintin is the mastermind of our exhaustive due diligence process. He has extensive experience in quantitative fund and risk analysis and has worked for some of the biggest names in financial services. He was also the second person in the UK to earn the Sustainable Investment Professional Certification (SIPC). Besides a wealth of  qualifications, Quintin has an Atmospheric Physics Doctorate from Oxford University and has applied computational models he learnt in engineering to areas of investment. Explore his research here.

We have a fantastic supporting cast too

We have a supporting cast of research and analysis experts – each of whom holds formal qualifications in investment management and averages 12 years of investment experience. Because we care about the authenticity of our investment portfolios, we have voluntarily appointed an external ethical oversight committee to guide our ethical policies. And we are one of the only discretionary find managers in the country to have done so. When we say ethical, we mean ethical.   

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