Bespoke Investment Services

Portfolios and solutions for your clients with detailed requirements

Our Bespoke Investment Service is for those clients that require a more targeted investment solution. They may have more complex requirements, very specific objectives, or a large portfolio requiring additional care and attention.

With the client outcome at the forefront of the portfolio’s construction, we select the best strategic and tactical asset allocation. We then choose specific investments from our researched and pre-approved panel of investment funds to create the client’s bespoke portfolio. We may look outside of our investment panel if we feel that specific opportunities exist at the time of investment. The portfolio is then monitored on an ongoing basis with investment changes and rebalances taking place whenever the investment team feel is most appropriate.

Why use P1’s bespoke investment services?

Our bespoke investment service is available across our service range. Whether your clients have specific investment objectives or detailed ethical requirements, our team of professionals can create and manage a portfolio to meet their needs.


    Our award-winning expert investment team can tailor the portfolio to your client needs.

    At 0.25% plus VAT with a minimum annual charge of £1,500 pa plus VAT, our bespoke hybrid portfolios make meeting specific clients needs possible.

    Our bespoke service fully integrates with our investment platform, providing an incredibly efficient and low cost solution.

    For clients with detailed ethical and sustainable requirements, our bespoke ethical service at 0.32% plus VAT with a minimum annual charge of £1,920 pa plus VAT can help meet their objectives.

    The P1 investment team are happy to meet your clients, whether that’s in creation of the portfolio or its ongoing management. £200 plus VAT per hour.

How our bespoke investment service can help you

Our bespoke investment service works for a broad range of customers

  • Clients with specific investment goals

    If you’re an IFA and have a client with a specific investment goal, whether they’re investing for families future, estate planning or retirement objectives, our team of expert investment professionals can create the portfolio to meet these needs

  • Ethical clients with detailed needs

    Our expert and in-depth knowledge of the ethical and sustainable investment universe allow us to create a portfolio that will match the focus of your client. Our thorough due diligence can give you and your client the confidence that the investments will meet and exceeds their requirements.

  • Charities and trusts

    If you are a charity or trust looking to invest in your future, our investment team can work with you to create a portfolio that not only supports your future ambitions but, aligns your investments to your charitable causes.

Have clients’ with bespoke investment needs?

P1 stood out in a number of areas, they listened to us and the needs of our clients and had a very similar approach to Investment Management as ourselves. They offered unrivalled access to the management team, a flexible approach to working together and their services are competitively priced.

Our bespoke investment services are available