Investment Services

Investments that perform for you and your clients. You can find a better way, for much less than you think.

We lead the way in delivering low cost model and bespoke investment solutions. We stand out from the crowd by cutting costs through automation and passing the savings to you and your clients.


We’re also leaders in building ethical and sustainable portfolios. If you and your clients are interested in sustainability, P1 treads lightly upon the earth. We bring nothing but the most advanced thinking and leave nothing behind but investment propositions which will do well and do good, without compromise.

Key benefits of investing with us


    We harness automation and keep our costs low. The result? Lower charges for your clients.

    Working with you to deliver a tailored investment solution.

    All the information you and your clients need, when you need it.

    Feel confident that our experienced and award-winning team are managing your investments.

    We are independent and invest only with client outcomes in mind.

    Available via the P1 platform and third-party platforms.

How we can help you

Whatever investment service you are looking for, you’ll likely find it at P1, including managed portfolios, bespoke solutions, and ethical options.

  • Managed Portfolio Range

    The P1 managed portfolio range includes our hybrid portfolios (0.25%), passive portfolios (0.1%) and ethical & sustainable portfolios (0.32%), available on the P1 Platform and third-party investment platforms.

  • Bespoke Portfolio Management

    Instruct us to manage bespoke portfolios on behalf of individual clients, targeted at meeting their individual risk profiles and objectives. Bespoke portfolios take into account any special requirements and needs of your client. This service can be provided through the P1 Platform and selected third-party platforms.

  • Bespoke White-labelled Managed Portfolios

    Mandate us to operate a bespoke suite of white-labelled managed portfolios for your firm. We run joint investment committee meetings with you, working closely together to ensure the portfolios continue to meet the needs of your clients.

Managed portfolio services

Our Managed Portfolio Service offers a range of risk-rated portfolios with proven track-records provided at highly competitive costs.

Bespoke investment services

Our Bespoke Investment Service is designed for those clients with specific requirements. They’ll likely have more complex needs or a larger portfolio that might suit a more targeted approach.

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We’re leaders in Ethical Investment. And when we say ethical, we mean it.

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Hear from people who already use our investment services

Andy Cooper Kingswood Law
“We are committed to continuing to provide our clients with a value-for-money service. A key part of this service is the selected investment offering and we strongly believe that it is possible to source professional, well-governed and consistent investment management using low cost funds such as exchange traded and similar passive funds to meet our clients’ objectives. P1 Investments have a consistent history of managing model portfolios using passive funds with a philosophy of minimising transaction turnover whilst maintaining portfolios within risk boundaries and achieving good outcomes.”
Julian Penniston-Hill Intelligent Money
“It has been a great experience working with P1 across the Intelligent Money portfolio range. Their service levels are outstanding and their pricing is excellent. This has encouraged us to work together with them on both existing and new portfolio mandates. We operate joint investment committee meetings and have constant interaction in the investment process, bringing together all of our investment expertise for our clients’ benefit. It does not only feel like the partnership that it is, it feels like we are one team working towards the same goals.”
Graham Kennedy Dominion Financial Management
“As Independent Financial Advisors, we are able to recommend any Investment Management Companies in the entire marketplace to our clients. We recommend P1 to all our Tier One Investor Visa clients because P1 have a good understanding of the bespoke needs of these clients. P1 also has a solid investment performance history and a competitive charging structure”