Managed Portfolio ServiceOur Managed Portfolio Service provides a range of carefully and professionally managed investment portfolios spanning hybrid and ethical portfolios.

Why choose our managed portfolio service?

  • An expertly managed investment solution provided at an incredibly competitive cost
  • A proven track-record and portfolios with 3-year + performance data
  • Independently assessed and risk-rated portfolios

Where you can invest: Our managed portfolios are available on 3rd party platforms shown below and available on the P1 platform.

You can read more about our investment process by downloading our brochure. If you have any questions regarding our investment process or a model portfolio services you can please contact Jonathan Richards at [email protected] or 01392 953076

The key stages of creating and managing our portfolios:

Establish Portfolio Objective & Risk Profile – We determine where the portfolio will sit in our range and what we believe the client is looking for when investing in to it.

Strategic Asset Allocation – We use the Wealth Management Association to derive our risk levels, which is flexed to out in-house views. The Strategic asset allocation is generated on a long term view, looking past 5 years.

Tactical Asset Allocation – The Tactical asset allocation is a shorter term view, derived from our view on the global economy,  monetary and fiscal policies, valuations and currency. By the constant fluctuations in these factors the tactical asset allocation relies on ongoing idea generation and these are formally discussed at quarterly investment committee meeting.

Fund Selection – We maintain a panel of researched, approved and monitored investments. Our panel includes a range of potential holdings that can be used in different scenarios and to exploit varying opportunities. Where we believe that active managers are unable to generate positive net relative returns, we will use passive investments. This removes an element of selection risk from the portfolio in addition to reducing the overall cost. The amount of passives held will vary dependent on asset allocation, availability of appropriate investments and the relevant portfolio objective.

Ongoing Monitoring, Investment Changes & Rebalancing – Performance contribution analysis of the portfolio enables us to identify areas that require addressing as well as furthering our understanding of the  interaction of funds’ returns and their implications at a portfolio level. All the model portfolios are subjected to a comprehensive quantitative risk analysis on a six monthly basis to highlight areas which could present a previously unforeseen risk.

Investments that have performed particularly well will become rebalanced downwards on a quarterly basis and for poorer performers, vice versa. Quarterly rebalancing ensures that a portfolio does not become over concentrated in areas that have done well and realigns the portfolio fully with our  most recent asset allocation decision.

Portfolio Construction – Appropriate investments are selected from the panel to meet the tactical asset allocation determined by the portfolio’s risk profile and objective. Core holdings are used to build the bulk of the portfolio. Such holdings are likely to have a long time horizon and are investments we expect to outperform consistently, compounding outperformance. Tactical holdings are used when there is a perceived opportunity in the market, whilst ensuring the  investment will work well with other holdings within the portfolio, and where appropriate for the risk level. For portfolios with higher income  objectives, we may adjust the tactical asset allocation to ensure that the income target is met.


Where you can invest:

Our managed portfolios are available the P1 Platform and also on 3rd party platforms .


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