Ethical and Sustainable Investing

Ethical and sustainable investing portfoliosOur ethical and sustainable investing service includes a range of managed portfolios, and a bespoke service for those clients with more specific requirements.

At P1 Investment Management, we believe that ethical investing matters. Humanity needs to harness the power of companies to end harmful behaviours and to tackle challenges, which may relate to the environment, climate change and social issues. Investment via financial markets can help support and control companies’ behaviour by rewarding those companies that are working to address problems and reducing access to share capital or bond financing for others with unethical or unsustainable practices.

Because we take ethical and sustainable investing extremely seriously at P1, we employ staff with formally recognised qualifications in ethical and sustainable investment. We truly understand the issues and challenges surrounding ethical investment and can demonstrate that our commitment is more than skin-deep.

Our expertise means that we can strive to ensure that we select funds that are meeting the highest possible standards and we can avoid those that merely seek an ethical label for marketing purposes. Our portfolios use a similar robust portfolio construction methodology to our conventional portfolios, combining our expertise with our strategic and tactical asset allocation views.

You can read more about our investment process by downloading our brochure. If you have any questions regarding our investment process or a model portfolio services you can please contact Jonathan Richards.

Why choose our ethical and sustainable investing service?

The service is provided at a price of 0.40% for account values up to £1m, and 0.1% thereafter.

  • An expertly managed investment solution provided at an incredibly competitive cost
  • A strong understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding ethical investment with a commitment that is more than skin-deep.
  • Selection of funds that meet the highest possible standards while avoiding those that merely seek the “green” label for marketing purposes.

Where you can invest: The service is available through the third party investment platforms shown below, as well as P1’s own platform solution due to be launched in 2018.