Our Hybrid Portfolio Service provides a range of carefully and professionally managed investment portfolios spanning five risk levels and three core objectives.

With the client outcome in mind, our investment process combines our strategic and tactical asset allocation with granular portfolio construction and stock selection to add further value. Our hybrid portfolios are built around core holdings with satellite tactical investments aiming to take advantage of shorter term themes.

The portfolios consist of active and passive investments. Passive investments are used where we believe active managers are not able to add  value sufficiently to justify the higher charges. As a result, we believe our hybrid portfolios have the ability to outperform while having a lower overall cost.

The nine hybrid portfolios in our range are spread over 5 risk levels and 3 core objectives; income, growth and a balance of the two. The funds have been independently rated by Dynamic Planner®.

For more information about our hybrid portfolios downloadour brochure or please contact Jonathan Richardsat [email protected] or 01392 953076

Why choose our managed portfolio service?

  • The service is provided at a price of 0.25% for account values up to £1m, and 0.1% thereafter.
  • An expertly managed investment solution provided at an incredibly competitive cost
  • A proven track-record and portfolios with 3-year + performance data
  • Independently assessed and risk-rated portfolios

Where you can invest a hybrid portfolio:

The service is available through P1’s own platform solution, in addition to third-party platforms.


Third-party platforms:


For offshore investments: