P1 investment management have a range of five risk rated passive portfolios that are able to meet the majority of client needs, whilst minimising costs. This has been done by ensuring that both the cost of the underlying investments are kept low alongside a competitive P1 discretionary management charge. In a low return environment, cost is becoming an important factor in determining to absolute return of an investment portfolio.

How Our Passive Portfolios Are Constructed:

Our passive portfolios have been constructed with a long term time horizon from the outset, limiting the need for regular intervention. This will minimise transaction fees, as we will simply look to make changes to the portfolio for the purposes of rebalancing or where we feel that the cost of the transaction is outweighed by a saving from an ongoing fee. Quarterly portfolio rebalancing enables us to ensure that the portfolio remains appropriate for the targeted risk level.

Portfolios have been built around core holdings of UK equities, global equities and fixed income alongside alternatives providing an element of diversification. The Strategic Asset Allocation should ensure that the portfolios remain appropriate for the targeted risk level. We will not take views on short term market movements or themes, leaving the natural diversification and rebalancing process to balance the portfolio. The portfolios are not volatility or return targeted.

While cost is a significant driver of our investment choice, there are many elements that are considered before an investment is included in a portfolio. Amongst others, these consist of, tracking error, replication method, bid/ offer spread and stock lending. These factors enable us to ensure that while an investment may be low cost, it is able to generate the returns expected, with all potential risks identified.

Why choose our managed passive portfolio management service?

  • The service is provided at a price of 0.1%.
  • An expertly managed investment solution provided at an incredibly competitive cost
  • A proven track-record, back tested and based on asset allocations of our hybrid portfolios which have 5 year record.

For more information about our passive portfolio management service please contact Jonathan Richards at [email protected] or 01392 953076

The passive portfolios range is available for investment on the P1 Investment Platform.

Where you can also invest in our passive portfolios:

Ascentric platform

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