At P1 Investment Management Ltd we have set up a staff committee to explore issues relating to ethics and sustainability within our workplace as commitment to our values.  This committee is made up of P1 employees with members rotating over a period to ensure inclusion of all staff, to promote ownership and engagement within P1, and to provide fresh and innovative thinking. The committee’s terms of reference are:

“To come up with ideas, make recommendations and explore implementation for a range of ethical and sustainable initiatives we can make in the P1 office and working practices and promote these as part of P1’s ethical culture.”

This has resulted in a number of initiatives within P1 Investment Management, some more formal, while others take place at a more personal level for those involved.


Sustainable, Ethical, Engagement and Development (SEED) is the name we give to our more formal initiatives within P1, implying a sense of organic growth both for P1 as an organisation and also for us, as individuals, within P1. P1’s Initiatives within SEED include:

Business Ethics Seminar A lunchtime seminar on business ethics provided to all staff at P1, with opportunity for discussion and debate.  This helps take our awareness of ethical issues to a level beyond just meeting mandatory compliance requirements.  This training has now been rolled out for all new staff joining P1 as part of their induction.  To benefit our colleagues and business partners in the wider finance community, it has been developed and expanded into a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course that we offer.  For example, this might be ideal for IFA or adviser firms looking to offer their staff CPD with an ethical bias.  For further information see: P1 Free CPD Events.
Carbon Offsetting P1’s Carbon Offsetting Initiative targets a long-term goal of achieving carbon-neutrality.  At this stage we have offset the carbon emissions generated by our staff during their daily commutes to work.  In due course we intend to roll this out to cover all our business activities.  To see more details see: P1 Carbon Offsetting.

ISO 14001 Environment Management



To show that P1 Investment Management Ltd is committed to meeting the standards required for best practice in Environmental Management, P1 was formally awarded the ISO 14001 certification on 6th November 2017.  This demonstrates that you can have confidence that we act in an environmentally responsible way. Read P1’s commitment to Environmental Management


Doing Our Bit

At P1 we also support our staff in their ethical development and engagement outside of the work place.  We support additional, less formal activities in this capacity.

Support for charitable activities All staff have an allocated period of two days per year which they can use to support charities of their personal choice.  It allows them to take time off to devote to a registered charity of their own choosing. In due course we will be providing details of charities our staff have been supporting. These activities have included charitable bike rides and helping wildlife.
Cycle to work scheme P1 supports the cycle to work scheme.  This is designed to encourage employees to cycle to work where they can, by assisting them in the purchase of a bicycle.
Citizen Science As part of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of climate change we endorse to our clients as a way of helping scientists understand climate change. runs climate modelling on volunteers home computers helping them contribute to the scientific understanding.


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