P1 Investment Services

Model Portfolio Services

Mixing Active and Passive investments to deliver best results

Hybrid Investment Portfolios

The seven P1 Hybrid Portfolios offer a range of carefully and professionally managed investment portfolios. They consist of active and passive investments. Passive investments are used where we believe active managers are not able to add value sufficiently to justify the higher charges.

0.25% up to £1m and 0.1% thereafter

7 risk rated portfolios

3 core objectives: Income, Growth and a balance of both.

AWARD WINNING: The Growth Focus hybrid portfolio won the Steady Growth Strategy Category of the CityWire Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards. The awards are independently judged by ARC using historic data from clients invested in the portfolio.


Market-leading low cost passive portfolios

Passive Model Portfolios

We have a range of six risk rated passive portfolios that are able to meet the majority of client needs, while keeping costs as low as possible. In a low return environment, cost is becoming an ever more important factor for many clients. Our expertly managed passive portfolios cost just 0.1%.

0.1% for the service

Total portfolio OCF 0.08 – 0.09%

6 Risk Rated Portfolios

Our passive portfolios have been constructed with a long term time horizon from the outset, limiting the need for regular intervention. This will minimise transaction fees, as we will simply look to make changes to the portfolio for the purposes of rebalancing or where we feel that the cost of the transaction is outweighed by a saving from an ongoing fee. Quarterly portfolio rebalancing enables us to ensure that the portfolio remains appropriate for the targeted risk level.

When we say ethical, we mean ethical

Ethical Portfolio Service

We take ethical and sustainable investing extremely seriously at P1. We created the Net Zero Carbon Target for fund managers to drive funds into carbon-neutral companies – currently the target has over £8bn AUMs. Our expertise means that we can strive to ensure that we select funds that are meeting the highest possible standards and we can avoid those that merely seek an ethical label for marketing purposes.

0.25% up to £1m and 0.1% thereafter

3 risk rated portfolio

Our proprietary ethical due diligence process includes:

  • 70 plus detailed questions on ethical and sustainable commitments of the fund and the fund house,
  • Weighted scoring of questionnaire and panelling of funds,
  • Meetings and calls with fund manager where possible,
  • Analysis of assessment of fund performance and risk metrics

We’ve taken the unusual step of appointing an external ethical oversight committee to guide its position on ethical and sustainable investment topics and policies. We are one of only a handful of wealth managers and fund houses in the UK to adopt this external monitoring. The Ethical Oversight Committee reviews ethical and sustainability issues, and topics posed to them by the investment team to ensure that every fund P1 selects has robust ethical investment policies.  P1’s Ethical Oversight Committee meets regularly, engages on ethical and sustainability issues, raises difficult questions and audits our process.

Other Investment Services

Bespoke Investment Services

Bespoke Clients / Charities / Trusts

0.25% + VAT min charge £1,500 +VAT pa, Ethical 0.32% + VAT min charge £1,920 +VAT pa

Our Bespoke Investment Service is for those clients that require a more targeted investment solution. They may have more complex requirements, very specific objectives, or a large portfolio requiring additional care and attention. With the client outcome at the forefront of the portfolio’s construction, we select the best strategic and tactical asset allocation. We then choose specific investments from our researched and pre-approved panel of investment funds to create the client’s bespoke portfolio.

AIM/IHT/Tier 1 Visa Investment Portfolio

Estate planning

Price on Request

Our Investment Team manages direct equity portfolios which can be used as part of estate planning in the financial advice process. Our IHT portfolios consist AIM holding which are researched and analysed by our investment team. We also manage Tier 1 Investment Visa portfolios for those financial advisers with international clients who are looking to obtain visa entry to the UK. Our Tier 1 visa portfolio management is done at a market-leading price. The direct equity team is made up of professionals who are CFA and CISI qualified

Mandated Portfolios

P1 Managed with IFA input and structure

Price on Request

Our mandated portfolio service allows you to input, guide and be part of the portfolio investment processes while relying on our professional services to fully manage the portfolio. The portfolios can be white-labelled so your clients see you managing their money. We hold joint Investment Committee Meetings with IFAs using the mandated portfolio service allowing you to have oversight of the portfolios and feed into their strategy and positioning, while confident that the portfolios are being professionally managed by the P1 Investment Team.