Adding Clients & Accounts | P1 Platform Guide

Get started by adding a client and an investment account.

How to create a client account:

  • Once logged in to the platform, navigate to the Client tab along the top. From this page you’ll see a button to “Add Client”, click this.
  • You can then enter your client’s personal information. Having completed this, click review for a summary of the information. Click “Create Client” to submit application.
  • Your client will instantly receive an email notifying them the account has been created. The email will include a link to create a password and accept the P1 Platform Terms and Conditions.

How to create an investment account:

  • Once you have created an active client on the platform you can create an investment account by navigating to the client screen and selecting “Create new account”.
  • This will direct you to the account creation form. Complete the form, selecting the information relevant to your client.
  • Once you’ve completed the form click “Review” to check the details.
  • Once you are happy that the information is correct, click “Create Account”.
  • The investment account is now live and funds can be added.

Need more help?

If you’ve still questions about creating a client or adding an investment account to a client, had issues trying to do either, please get in touch with our platform team and they will be able to assist.

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