Client View | P1 Platform Guide

While not necessary to your experience, knowing what the client sees will always help any interactions you have with them.

Client View

  • When your clients log in, the default view is their client view. This view shows them all their accounts.
  • Client view shows them:
    • Accounts, Account type, model portfolio name (If invested using a model portfolio, value and growth.
    • Investments: they’ll also be able to see all the investments across all their accounts and their individual performance.
    • Report: this will show them all their transactions(Payments, Performance, Charges, Cash Movements). It lists them by account then by data.
  • A client can click on an individual account to see the same information, but relating only to that account.
  • At the account level a client can:
    • Click into individual assets to see transactions
    • Pending transactions for the account
    • Regular payments that have been set up.
    • Reporting for the account. Which shows the same as the Client Report but with information pertaining to the specific account.
  • Message hub (represented by the speech bubble top right of their screen): this is where all their notifications and documents (valuations etc) are stored.

Need more help?

If you’ve still questions as to wat your clients are seeing or able to do from their portal get in touch with our platform team and they will be able to assist.

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