Reporting | P1 Platform Guide

How to get the most from reporting on the P1 Platform

The P1 Platform’s reporting suite is an interactive hub for both client-facing and client management reports.

  • Access all reports via the left-hand side menu.
  • Client reporting allows you to create graphical displays of portfolio values and performance. Select a date range to adjust the time period displayed.
  • Use the icons in the top right to navigate to Portfolio Breakdown (asset classes, sector, geography, top holdings) and to see Individual Portfolio Holdings (book cost, current value, and growth).
  • You can download these reports to save and share with your clients.
  • Adviser tools are designed to help with day-to-day client servicing.  Key reports include ISA Allowances, Cash Contributions, Pension Contributions, Model Portfolio Drift, and many more.

If you’d like a particular report that’s not currently available, contact the platform team ([email protected]) and we’ll assess whether we can create and add it to the reporting suite for you.

Report Summary

We’ve broken down what each report does and how it can be used.

Realised Gains Report

Generate an interactive realised gains report for your clients.

Valuation Report

Generate an interactive valuation report for your clients.

Account Values

View a breakdown of the investment and cash values of your clients.

Assets In & Out

View a breakdown of payments and transfers, in and out, for your clients over a specified time period.

Asset Map

View the countries of where the investments of your clients are held.

Asset Search

View the available assets on platform, including the relevant KIIDs, ISIN, OCF, asset type, currency, settlement time, and status.

Asset Values

View a breakdown of the asset values held by your clients, with how many clients and accounts hold each asset.

Cash Balances

View your client cash balances broken down by wrapper type and expressed as a % of portfolio value.

CGT Tool

View the unrealised gains and losses of individual client accounts.

Charges (£)

View an overview of initial/ad hoc adviser charges, ongoing adviser charges, DFM charges (if applicable), and platform bps charges across your client bank in pounds.

Charges (%)

View an overview of ongoing adviser % charges and DFM % charges (if applicable) across your client bank.

Client Details

View a summary of your client’s details, including email address, date of birth, national insurance number and account status.

Client Map

View the locations of your clients displayed on an interactive world map.

ISA Allowances

View the ISA and JISA annual allowances, the allowance already used, and the remaining allowance for the tax year.

Model Breakdown

View details of the model portfolios available to you, including asset allocation, sector allocation, geographic allocation, top underlying securities, and portfolio holdings.

Model Drift

View a breakdown of each of your client’s current portfolio allocation against the relevant model portfolio allocation (if applicable), to see how far they have drifted since the last rebalancing point.

Model Values

View a breakdown of the model portfolios available to you, and see the number of clients and values you have invested into each.

Pension Contributions

View the employer contributions, personal contributions, tax relief obtained, and total contributions into each of your client’s pensions over a specified time period.

Pension Summary

View your clients with pensions on the platform, the status of those pensions (crystallised/uncrystallised), and the total value of each pension.


View transactions for each of your clients in a specified time period.

Transfer List

View the providers we process electronic transfers for, including type of account, whether transfers are via Origo or ATG, and other details related to those specific providers.

Need more help?

If you’ve still questions about using the reporting suite, how to access your data and make the most of it, or if there’s any reports you’d like to see, please get in touch.

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