Requesting Transfers | P1 Platform Guide

Requesting transfers used to be opaque, but not anymore with the P1 Platform.

Requesting a transfer

  • To create a transfer the client and account must be set up on the platform prior.
  • Once in the client’s account, click on the three dots under “Action” and select “Transfer”.
  • Once in the Transfer form, enter the ceding scheme information.
  • Once information inputted, click review and check the details, then click “Transfer” to submit request.
  • Once you’ve submitted you can see all your live transfers in the “Transfers Tab”.
  • The Transfer Workbench allows you to filter your client transfers:
    • Those requiring action
    • Client
    • Status
    • Wrapper Type

Need more help?

If you’ve still questions as to requesting a transfer or cannot see the provider , or have had issues requesting, please get in touch with our platform team and they will be able to assist.

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