Genuine partnerships are built on honesty, trust, respect, and support.

Whether you need a modern platform free of clutter, competitively priced investment solutions, or both, P1 is here for you. And if you want to go further and create a bespoke offering, white-labelled in your brand, we’re ready to roll our sleeves up and help you achieve that too.

Whatever you firm’s structure, size, and ambition, the one thing we are sure to have in common is a desire to provide a remarkable service for our clients.

We strive to provide a high level of service, develop innovative solutions, keep ahead of the competition, and reduce overall costs for our clients. We’d love to help you do the same.

Feel the difference with P1.

Our Partnerships

Your business tools

Our open APIs’ allow us to quickly and easily partner with other forward facing business tools, allowing you to pick and chose the software that powers your business. Double-keying data into different tools isn’t necessary when your systems are connected, like technology allows, freeing you up to do what’s best for your clients.

We currently have partnerships with an array of CRMs and client portals and we’re always open to connecting with more. This allows you to build and run the business you want using your software, not the ones that old technology shackles you to.


Adopting the P1 Platform is a partnership between companies. At P1 we have dedicated focus groups to feedback on new developments and input into the roadmap of our platform. We want to make sure that our platform develops in a direction that supports you, not away from you. As a partner you can feed into its development and see features added that actually benefit you, shaping a platform that works for you and your clients.

Investment Partners

We know that there is a broad market for different products and services in financial services and that you do not want to be limited in choice because of your investment platform. We are investment partners with different SIPP and SSAS providers allowing your clients who are planning for retirement to benefit from our low cost platform and expert investment services. If you have a preferred product provider who we’re not already partners with, let us know as we always want you to have the right services available for your clients

Our partners

“How refreshing to use an investment platform that’s intuitive where to go next and not being faced with 12 stage processes to carry out the simplest of tasks. Speedy, proactive support always on-hand gives us comfort to use the P1 Platform regularly, and at just 0.15%pa charge. It’s hard to justify using any other platform if your client is simply going into one of your in-house model portfolios. You pay for what you get, but why pay two or three times more for a load of bells & whistles you will never use, and that gets in the way of doing what you need to do.”