Our efficiency continues to drive down costs.

We appreciate the impact that excessive charges have on long-term investment performance. We will always strive to keep our costs as low as possible.

P1 Pricing Calculator

Our platform charge is just 0.15% a year, capped at £1,500 per annum – less than half the amount charged by many other platforms. That saving can be passed to your clients.

The annual administration fee for ISAs, GIAs and Trusts is £0. Third-party products are £0, subject to third-party product provider fee. SIPP administration is £50 + VAT(Maximum) in accumulation per year, £125 + VAT  in drawdown and £100 + VAT per UFPLS.

Trading unit trusts or OEICs is £0 and exchange traded instruments are 0.04% subject to a minimum of £4. So, for example a £15,000 trade for an ETF would result in a £6 charge. Trades placed within a regular model portfolio rebalance or investment change will be aggregated.

The across figures illustrate the annual costs of investing in a P1 Model Portfolio on the P1 Investment Platform, including the amount of underlying fund charges.

As Platform Fees, MPS Fees and Fund Charges are linked to the value of the investment (which is subject to fluctuation), the amount charged may be higher or lower than those shown. The figures are therefore for illustrative purposes only.

Fund charges are calculated at 0.07%, 0.67% and 0.73% for Passive, Hybrid and E&S respectively.
P1 Model Portfolios are available on other investment platforms and you should refer to the charges applicable to your chosen platform.

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