TM P1 Sustainable World Fund

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The TM P1 Sustainable World Fund allows investors convenient access to P1’s flagship Sustainable Investing service through a simple fund structure. The fund was launched on the 13th January 2021 and uses P1’s expertise in running Ethical and Sustainable portfolios since 2017. The fund is managed by Dr Quintin Rayer, P1’s Head of Sustainable Investing, and Will Dickson, CIO.

The fund invests across asset classes and geographical regions, primarily though actively managed funds. The TM P1 Sustainable World Fund is fully fossil-divested, actively invests in renewable energy, and is a forerunner in the movement towards a net-zero carbon economy. It achieves this through active engagement with the underlying investments including an innovative 2030 target.

Invest confidently in a sustainable future.

Key benefits

  • Green, but without the wash

    This fund is made up of truly sustainable investments, each having gone through P1’s rigorous due diligence process working in tandem with our External Ethical Oversight Committee.
  • Fully fossil divested

    The fund does not invest in companies involved in the extraction and production of coal, oil (including tar sands) or gas (including fracking).
  • Invested in the future

    Dedicated exposure to renewable energy assets harnessing a new generation of energy.
  • Award-winning team

    An award-winning investment team, qualified in sustainable investing and a proven performance track record with existing portfolios.
  • Ambitiously targeting Carbon-neutrality

    P1 and the TM P1 Sustainable World fund have carbon-neutrality objectives with a 2030 target consistent with the NZC10 investor target.
  • Diversified

    The fund’s portfolio is diversified across asset classes and geographies.

Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund Management

The TM P1 Sustainable World fund is a multi-asset fund, investing across asset classes and geographical regions.

  • This is achieved by investing in actively managed collective investments which have a specific focus on sustainable objectives. Investments such as direct holdings in government bonds and passive investments can also be utilised.
  • The fund will always be diversified, comprising fixed income investments (10-40%) and equities (50-80%). Typical exposure will be at the centre of these ranges.
  • Asset allocation can flex over time, skewing the portfolio towards areas the managers believe represent better value over a long-term horizon (5+ years).
  • The fund has a specific exposure to renewable energy investments.
  • The fund is within the IA Mixed Asset 40-85% Sector.

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Read up to date information about the fund, it’s performance and it’s objectives.

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From carbon-neutrality to tackling plastics, there’s no greenwashing here

Sustainable to its core

At P1, every investment considered for inclusion in the TM P1 Sustainable World Fund goes through our rigorous due diligence process. This ensures they not only meet performance criteria but also process robust sustainability requirements. Our process is guided and continuously developed by our External Ethical Oversight Committee to keep us at the forefront of new thinking and provide ethical leadership.

The due diligence process covers topics including commitment to fossil divestment, plastic reduction, employment diversity, as well as exploring the culture of the manager’s organisation and business practices, such as zero-hours working. Our engagement and research isn’t light touch, we recently published research on investors and plastics in a peer-reviewed economic policy journal.  Not only do we assess how managers approach these topics in their investment strategy, but also how they approach them as a company. We strive to assess the commitment asset managers have to ethical and sustainable investment, so that when you invest in the TM P1 Sustainable World Fund you can feel confident that ethical principles and sustainability permeate through the investments we make.

We engage with the managers we use. We see this as a core activity, so you can feel confident that when you invest in the TM P1 Sustainable World fund not only is someone selecting the most ethical investments for you, but the managers we use are being challanged on your behalf as well. Our engagement has resulted in fossil divestment and fossil free commitments from fund managers, the adoption of ground-breaking NZC10 investor target for carbon-neutrality. This backs our commitment to ensure the TM P1 Sustainable World Fund does not invest in companies that extract or produce coal, oil (including tar sands) or gas (including fracking), allowing you to invest fossil free.

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A history of performance

The Sustainable Alpha

One of the largest hurdles for many when it comes to ethical investing is the idea that by limiting your available investments you’re limiting your opportunities for growth. Research shows this isn’t always the case. People like the idea of investing for good, and yet worry there’s a price to conscience and they could miss opportunities. In fact, as the market for ethical and sustainable investment continues to grow we’re confident you’ll see more companies worldwide adopt ethical and sustainable approaches to business in bid to be part of this market and, something better. Academic research on the topic, our experience, and ultimately our proven track record suggests this shouldn’t be a concern. The sustainable alpha does exist, and there’s evidence to support it.

It’s not only in producing alpha where sustainable investment could help a portfolio. Research has shown that sustainable portfolios can work well in a hybrid approach. Some portfolios and funds with sustainable strategies can have lower volatility which is leading to them being recognised as a hedge for riskier or volatile investments in a portfolio. This makes them so much more than just nice to have.

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Meet the Team

The TM P1 Sustainable World Fund is co-managed by P1’s Chief Investment Officer and P1’s Head of Sustainable Investing, Will Dickson and Dr Quintin Rayer respectively. They are supported with research and analysis from the full P1 investment team. The External Ethical Oversight Committee guides the ethical and sustainable process and standards, keeping P1 and the fund at the forefront of these fields.

Dr Quintin Rayer Head of Sustainable

Dr Quintin Rayer

DPhil, Chartered FCSI, SIPC FInstP

Fund Manager, P1’s Head of Sustainable Investing

Quintin has worked for actuarial and investment consultancy firms as well as a multi-national European bank for nearly ten years including wide experience in quantitative fund and risk analysis. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments and a Chartered Wealth Manager. Quintin has completed the Sustainable Investment Professional Certification (SIPC) becoming this programme’s second graduate in the UK.

Will Dickson Chief Investment Officer

Will Dickson

BSc (Hons), MSc, Chartered FCSI

Fund Manager, P1’s Chief Investment Officer

Will achieved an MSc in Finance and Investment from the University of Exeter and an Accounting and Finance BSc from the University of Bath. Will has subsequently gained the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments’ Chartered Wealth Manager qualification. Will’s talent is recognised by Citywire having been named as one of the Top 30 investment managers under the age of 30 four years in a row.

Ethical Oversight Committee placeholder image

Ethical Oversight Committee

Academic Experts in ESG Policy

Ethical process and guidance

The External Ethical Oversight Committee reviews ethical and sustainability issues, and topics posed to them by the investment team to ensure that every fund P1 selects has robust ethical investment policies.  Our External Ethical Oversight Committee has experts in environmental, social and governance issues making sure we maintain the highest standards and provide leadership in ethical and sustainable investing.

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Lofoten Declaration Signatories

Affirming the urgent responsibility and moral obligation of wealthy fossil fuel producers to put an end to fossil fuel development and to manage the decline of existing production. (

ShareAction Investor Decarbonisation Initiative 

The Investor Decarbonisation Initiative seeks to accelerate corporate action on climate change, by supporting and strengthening the collaborative influence investors have on companies’ decarbonisation plans.

Plastics Investors Alliance

P1 is a signatory of the Plastics Solutions Investors Alliance supporting engagement with companies on the threat posed by plastic waste and pollution.