Why Ethical Investing Matters

Quintin Rayer reflects on the importance of engaging our values and using consumer power for the greater good, even if it is a lonely field to burrow at times.

Ethical investment may seem ‘nice-to-have’ but non-essential, although actually, it is crucial. It permits people and organisations with savings to contribute to the betterment of society or to help with environmental issues including global warming.

Unsustainable human activities have generated threats including climate change (associated with rising sea levels, extreme weather and flooding, for example) with damage, loss of life, and disruption to food and fresh water supplies. A growing world population will demand improved living standards as less developed countries modernise. Many believe that behaving unsustainably will cease to be an option.

Q G Rayer (2018), Why ethical investing matters, Justice & Peace Scotland, a Commission of the Scottish RC Bishops’ Conference, blog, available at https://www.justiceandpeacescotland.org.uk/Blog/itemid/2651/amid/676/why-ethical-investing-matters, 1 page, 29 November 2018.

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Dr Quintin Rayer

About Dr Quintin Rayer

Quintin is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, a Chartered Wealth Manager and holds a Physics degree from Imperial College London and a Physics doctorate in atmospheric physics from Oxford University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.