Ethical & Sustainable Investing

Ethical and sustainable investment can be seen as a ‘nice-to-have’ but not an essential part of a portfolio. In our research, we look to raise awareness about the fundamental importance of ethical investment and increase familiarity with concepts and phrases such as ‘sustainable investment’, ‘Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance’ (ESG). We also consider the various approaches used for investing ethically.

In addition to raising awareness, we seek to counter the arguments concerning ‘the price of conscience’ by exploring the inherent benefits ethical investment brings revealed through the interplay of reduced risk and competitive advantage.

Divesting from fossil fuel firms can send a message on climate change

Environmentally focused investors often consider climate risks. But research suggests carbon-intensive industries’ share prices may not reflect potential liabilities for…

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COP 2018, Climate Change and P1’s Fossil Divestment Programme

Environmentally-focused investors often consider climate risks, but research suggests that carbon-intensive industries’ share prices may not reflect potential liabilities for…

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‘What about zero?’ asks Dr Quintin Rayer

‘What about zero?’ asks Dr Quintin Rayer, Head of Ethical Investing at P1   P1 Investment Management has a strong…

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Extreme Weather: towards pricing climate risk

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season caused estimated damages of $265 billion. Given links between extreme weather and global warming how…

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Why Ethical Investing Matters

Quintin Rayer reflects on the importance of engaging our values and using consumer power for the greater good, even if…

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Ethical Investing and the Scourge of Plastics

The popular BBC One television series Blue Planet II typifies media coverage drawing attention to the environmental damage caused by…

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Investing in the climate

The study of extreme weather events in our climate such as hurricanes is one example of how science can raise…

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Hurricanes hit company share prices

Climate risks are often considered by environmentally aware investors. But research suggests share prices in carbon-intensive sectors may not reflect…

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The Importance of Ethical Investment

Quintin Rayer discusses how although ethical investment can be seen as falling into the ‘nice-to-have’ but non-essential category, it is…

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How to select ethical funds

In this short Citywire New Model Adviser®, ‘Adviser Feature’ Quintin Rayer gives a very brief overview of some issues that…

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