Ethical & Sustainable Investing

Ethical and sustainable investment can be seen as a ‘nice-to-have’ but not an essential part of a portfolio. In our research, we look to raise awareness about the fundamental importance of ethical investment and increase familiarity with concepts and phrases such as ‘sustainable investment’, ‘Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance’ (ESG). We also consider the various approaches used for investing ethically.

In addition to raising awareness, we seek to counter the arguments concerning ‘the price of conscience’ by exploring the inherent benefits ethical investment brings revealed through the interplay of reduced risk and competitive advantage.

Zero hours work: facing the ethical challenge

How ethical investors can show leadership by promoting a corporate social conscience. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of…

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Zeroing in on ethical working contracts

COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerability of millions of UK workers employed on zero-hours contracts. For them, self-isolation means a sudden…

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Ethical investing and the plastics pollution plague

The popular BBC One television series Blue Planet II typifies media coverage drawing attention to the environmental damage caused by…

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Climate Liability: Time to Settle up?

Environmentally focused investors often consider climate risks. However, potential liabilities for extreme weather event damages caused by carbon-intensive sector emissions…

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The price of conscience: analysing ethical out-performance

Introduction Earlier articles asked why ethical investment matters [1], introduced sustainable (environmental, social and governance, or ESG) investing [2]; or…

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Global Warming and Extreme Weather Investment Risks

Environmentally focused investors often consider climate risks; however, potential liabilities for damages from extreme weather events due to emissions from…

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Engagement needs to be supported with a “Credible Threat”of divestment

Managers must use ‘credible threat’ of divestment to engage boards. In a world of climate crisis, proper engagement and divestment…

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Ethical investing and performance: the price of conscience

How might ethical investments compare with conventional counterparts? Could they tend to underperform? Particularly as ‘ethical’ or ‘green’ labels might…

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The Rules of Engagement

Quintin Rayer offers tips for ethical investors that want to strengthen their engagement with companies. Ethical and sustainable investors focus…

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Net-zero is only meaningful emissions target for ESG funds

Fund managers need to push companies much harder to achieve net-zero goals, but investors do have access to realistic and…

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