These research articles and thought leadership pieces are designed to support IFAs deliver the best possible service to their clients. All articles are first featured in professional and industry publications meeting highest editorial standards.

Written at a level for all to understand and are suitable for sharing with clients. These pieces take themes and subjects from articles written for technical practitioners. We remove the maths and complexity making them more accessible and to highlight the core message. As experts in ethical and sustainable investment we explore the different areas of the topic and how investment can benefit society.

A Target for Carbon-Neutrality

Dr Quintin Rayer and Dr Pete Walton discuss the Net-Zero Carbon 10 target and the growing importance of carbon-neutrality and…

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Climate-Friendly Investing Tools

Climate concerns have emerged as a significant theme in ethical and sustainable investing. Global warming is almost certainly the most…

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Ethical investing approaches: screening and best-in-class

Previous articles asked why ethical investment matters, gave an introduction to Sustainable (environmental, social and governance, or ESG) investing and…

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Global warming and extreme weather investment risks

Environmentally focused investors often consider climate risks. However, potential liabilities for damages from extreme weather events due to emissions from…

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Zero tolerance: net-zero carbon

Dr Quintin Rayer and Dr Pete Walton tell us how P1’s Net-Zero Carbon 10 target is helping sustainable investors to…

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The roots of ethical investing

Early ethical investing was based on religious teaching. Jewish law dating to Biblical times includes the responsibility of owners to…

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Net Zero Carbon 10 – NZC10

The NZC10 target helps funds better align investment policies with carbon-neutrality, not just emissions reduction. Some emissions are allowed, providing…

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Denying the deniers – global warming is no myth

Human activity is well established as the leading cause of global warming, with cumulative carbon dioxide emissions as the primary…

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A Short History of Ethical Investing

The early history of ethical investing was based on religious teaching. Jewish law dating to Biblical times includes the responsibility…

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Sustainable investing: a target for progress towards carbon-neutrality

Despite the growing sense of urgency around tackling climate change, not enough sustainable fund managers are challenging company boards on…

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