These research articles and thought leadership pieces are designed to support IFAs deliver the best possible service to their clients. All articles are first featured in professional and industry publications meeting highest editorial standards.

Written at a level for all to understand and are suitable for sharing with clients. These pieces take themes and subjects from articles written for technical practitioners. We remove the maths and complexity making them more accessible and to highlight the core message. As experts in ethical and sustainable investment we explore the different areas of the topic and how investment can benefit society.

Historical Portfolio Stress-testing

In previous articles Quintin gave an overview of portfolio stress-testing, what it can and cannot do, offered a definition and…

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Testing Times, Part 2

In a follow-up to his article of October 2016 in the STEP Journal, Quintin discusses the pros and cons of…

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Banishing the Ethical Investing Myth of Underperformance

Advisers may find that they struggle with their own ethical dilemma with ethical investing.  While many advisers and clients believe…

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Spotting the next crisis: is it time for managers to pay more attention?

Markets regularly have periods of falling prices, but financial professionals seem to focus on the upside, directing relatively little effort…

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The different types of portfolio stress-testing

In previous articles published on DISCUS, Quintin Rayer gave a brief overview of portfolio stress-testing, what it can and cannot…

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A more detailed look at portfolio stress-testing

In a previous article Quintin Rayer gave a brief overview of portfolio stress-testing.  This follow-up article looks more closely at…

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The increasing value of stress-testing investment portfolios

Quintin looks at how stress-testing investment portfolios can help managers actively protect portfolio values against extreme market events and demonstrate…

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Managing risk: stress-testing investment portfolios

Risk is always a hot topic and Quintin Rayer overviews the stress testing of investment portfolios. Assessing portfolio risk in…

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Testing Times

Quintin explores how portfolio stress testing can address trustees’ concerns about the impact of extreme market events on portfolios, and…

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Dissecting portfolio stress-testing

Putting meaningful numbers to portfolio risks is challenging. Conventional risk measures are often considered not to fully capture all risks…

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