Risk Management

An important aspect of investment, but often overlooked in pursuit of returns, is portfolio risk management. Risk can come in many different forms for a portfolio and thus takes many considerations when building a portfolio.

At P1 we do extensive research in to risk and use proprietary methods to stress test our portfolios. Our portfolios are tested against historical financial crisis and importantly, against hypothetical future events and constraints. This allows us to observe their response and further our understanding, adapting the portfolios where necessary. Our financial risk research is written up in our articles but we also write about the impact of risk on clients’ portfolios and the responsibility of the Financial Adviser or the Trustee to relay and the concept and varieties of risk to those they are responsible for.

Hypothesis: Risk, like Mass and Energy, Can Neither be Created nor Destroyed.  Discuss

Quintin and Will imagine the title as an essay question in a final financial examination and use this as a…

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