Technical Practitioners

This section features articles for technical practitioners in investment management. It includes advanced research and analysis often involving complex mathematics. All articles in this section will have gone through the peer review process and have featured in journals, technical manuals or qualification textbooks. They are written for professionals or academics looking to progress an in-depth knowledge.

Ethical investing: portfolio tilting and corporate engagement

Previous articles asked why ethical investment matters; introduced sustainable investing (with its emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues, or…

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Global warming and extreme weather investment risks

Environmentally focused investors often consider climate risks. However, potential liabilities for damages from extreme weather events due to emissions from…

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Downside protection: how to stress-test portfolio diversification

Different aspects of portfolio stress-testing have been explored in previous articles, including general overviews; classification; detail on specific approaches; setting…

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Value-at-Risk: lets explore what it really means

Advisers need to be able to assess portfolio and fund risks for their clients. Market risk is often seen as…

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Hypothesis: Risk, like Mass and Energy, Can Neither be Created nor Destroyed.  Discuss

Quintin and Will imagine the title as an essay question in a final financial examination and use this as a…

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An investigation of hypothetical variance-covariance matrix stress-testing

This paper investigates an example of stress-testing a portfolio of conventional assets against market risks using artificial scenarios based around…

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