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Want to know more about our DFM services?

Talk to Joe

Joe is our lead when it comes to discussing all things investment management.

We offer a range of investment management services to meet adviser and client needs. Our Investment Mangement services cover a range of model portfolios:

  • Asset Tracker & Responsible Asset Tracker, starting at 0.08% DFM Fee.
  • Wealth Acc & Retirement Inc, with a 0.25% DFM Fee.
  • Ethical & Sustainable Portfolios, with a 0.20% DFM Fee.
  • AIM IHT Investment Portfolio.
  • Digital Asset Portfolio.
  • Mandated Model Portfolios, your philosophy, our investment management.

All of these services can be accessed on 3rd Party Platforms, or the award-winning P1 Platform.

Book a call with Joe today and learn how you and your clients can benefit from our services. If you’d prefer to chat with Joe before booking a meeting, you can email him at [email protected].

Focus on advising, not doing admin.

Want to know more about the P1 Platform?

Talk to Shaun

When it comes to the P1 Platform, Shaun is your best guide.

With the P1 Platform you can cut the fuss, it’s one of the industry’s easiest to use platforms, whilst also being one of the lowest cost platfoms. Key benefits of the P1 Platform:

  • Fully Digital, from keying on accounts to actioning transfer, the P1 Platform is fully digital and paperless; eliminating and admin drag that comes with paper forms.
  • Reporting Insight, 22+ customiseable reports, from CGT and Pension Contributions, to Transfers and Model Drift. Better data enables better decisions, from client outcomes to business decisions.
  • Be Supported, the P1 Platform has repeatedly topped adviser surveys from 3rd party consultants like the Lang Cat & Platforum for service.
  • Save your clients money, at 0.15% up to a £1m, and zero after, the P1 Platform leads the market when it comes to price.
  • P1 App, putting your clients wealth in their hands, driving better engagment and access to the advice process.

But don’t just take our word for it, the P1 Platform was rated Top Overal Platform in Platforum’s March 2024 Adviser Platform report (surveying 300+ advisers), in addition to coming top 6 other categories.

Book a demo of the P1 Platform today with Shaun, or if you’d prefer to chat first, you can reach him at [email protected].

Isn’t it time your clients started saving money, while you saved time?

The P1 Platform Overview

All you need to know about the P1 Platform, from charges and custody to integrations.

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Are you ready for Consumer Duty?

Download and read out guide on how the P1 Platform can help you meet your Consumer Duty requirements.

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Who are P1?

Launching in 2020 the P1 Platform is one of the newest platforms to market, but P1 has successfully existed since 2016. Learn our full story here.

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