P1 Platform Launches Invest Pilot

Innovative investment tool allows DFMs to create and manage model portfolios within their own Microsoft environment.

3 minute read

P1 Investment Services has today launched “Invest Pilot“, a bolt on feature to the P1 Platform, allowing investment managers to create and manage model portfolios within their own Microsoft environment, rather than logging in to the P1 Platform itself.

Built on Microsoft’s Power Platform and integrated with P1’s API, Invest Pilot works seamlessly within the operating system most businesses use every day, Windows. Managers can access the tool through the Power Apps desktop and mobile applications, and even add it as an app within other Microsoft applications such as Teams.

Investment managers can create their platform profile, including details about their firm and service offerings. They can also add ethical and sustainable descriptions if applicable. The profile created will feed into P1’s Report Pilot functionality available through the platform making client reporting bespoke yet highly efficient for advisers.

Invest Pilot provides an intuitive and familiar interface for building and managing portfolios, including setting available products, benchmarks, portfolio charges and risk ratings. Investment managers can also see management information such as the last rebalance date, number of clients invested, assets under management and number of wrappers attached. The feature supports portfolio creation using a diverse range of over 2,500 securities already available on the P1 Platform.

Building within the Microsoft environment not only ensures it integrates easily with the business world’s most popular ecosystem, but it also takes advantage of Microsoft’s leading AI developments, keeping it at the forefront of the technology. P1 will be rolling out AI-integrated features to enhance annual reviews, performance reporting and investment proposals.

Dan Minett, investment manager and founder of 5 Horizons said, “I am continually impressed with P1’s drive to innovate. As an investment manager working with advice firms, being able to create and manage model portfolios quickly and efficiently is vital. We use numerous Office365 applications, so the fact that Invest Pilot works as an app within Teams is a major benefit.”

James Priday HeadshotJames Priday, CEO of P1 explained: “Invest Pilot is set to transform how portfolios are managed on our platform, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver efficiency and control to investment managers. Building on the Power Platform enables us to provide robust and scalable technology that integrates seamlessly, with the added benefit that users do not need to remember yet more login credentials. This is just the beginning of a range of tools we’ll be launching soon, following the recent launch of the P1 Customer App, API and Reporting Suite.”

Invest Pilot will be rolled out to all DFMs currently operating models on the P1 Platform over the coming weeks and to all new DFMs added to the platform going forward.