Portfolio Construction Theory 2018

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Quintin Rayer has authored both the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) workbook for the Portfolio Construction Theory examination of the CISI’s Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification (level 7 on the UK’s Qualification and Credit Framework, QCF).

What is the Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification?

The Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification is a postgraduate level specialist qualification that encompasses the breadth of knowledge needed to provide the highest quality service to clients. It is a progressive qualification comprised of three units:

  • Financial Markets
  • Portfolio Construction Theory and
  • Applied Wealth Management.

It provides a sound grounding in economics and interpretation of economic statistics, financial statements, investment analysis, portfolio construction and applied wealth management.

What is Portfolio Construction Theory?

The Portfolio Construction Theory unit is a postgraduate level professional exam that requires candidates to think critically in the context of the theory of investment as applied to the management of private client funds, the tailoring of a portfolio to clients’ needs and much more.  It covers topics, including

  1. Fundamentals of Investment Theory
  2. Principal Asset Classes
  3. Collective Investments
  4. Asset Allocation Strategies
  5. Modern Portfolio Theory and the Capital Asset Pricing Model
  6. Behavioural Finance
  7. The Efficient Market Hypothesis
  8. Fund Management
  9. Ethically and Socially Responsible Investment
  10. Portfolio Performance
  11. Sales Taxes
  12. Tax Treatment of Onshore and Offshore Funds
  13. International Taxation and Tax Planning

For further details on the CISI’s Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification see: Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification

The download includes 5 pages extracted from the Portfolio Construction Theory workbook.

Q G Rayer (2018), Portfolio Construction Theory, published by Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), London, edition 5, version 5.1, 618 pages, 7 February 2018, copyright CISI 2018 (5 pages reproduced with permission).


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