A brief history of ethical investing

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A brief history of ethical investing

In previous articles on ethical investment, Quintin Rayer outlined why ethical investment matters and introduced the concept of sustainable investing with its focus on ‘ESG’ factors. In this article he outlines the history of ethical investing to help place it in its wider context. The following articles will explore different aspects of ethical investment approaches and issues such as performance.

This article is the third in a series making up a helpful introduction to ethical and sustainable investing for IFAs unfamiliar with this topic.  The previous articles can be found here:

  • Q G Rayer (2017), Why ethical investment is crucial and not just ‘nice to have’, DISCUS, available at http://discus.org.uk/7831-2/, 3 pages, 27 July 2017.
  • Q G Rayer (2017), An introduction to ESG investing (for advisers with ethically-minded clients), DISCUS, available at http://discus.org.uk/sustainable-investing-and-its-focus-on-egs-factors/, 3 pages, 23 August 2017.

Q G Rayer (2017), A brief history of ethical investing, DISCUS, available at http://discus.org.uk/brief-history-ethical-investing/, 3 pages, 19 September 2017.

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