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Global warming is not new news

Dr Quintin Rayer provides a brief history of global warming and questions why warnings have not been acted upon

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A load of hot air: Is hydrogen the clean fuel of the future?

Hydrogen is being touted as a clean fuel that could support the transition to a low-carbon or net-zero emissions future.

Water Insecurity and Climate Risk: Investment Impact of Floods and Droughts

Investors who are concerned about climate are likely to consider water security. Potential liabilities for extreme flood and drought events…

Risk-Rating GHG Emissions Offsets based on Climate Requirements

To keep global warming below Paris Agreement levels of 1.5-2.0°C, greenhouse gas emissions need to be net-zero. As absolute emissions…

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Fifty shades of hydrogen

Hydrogen is seen as key in supporting the transition to a low carbon or net-zero emissions future. It does not…

Water Insecurity and Climate Risk: Investment Impact of Floods and Droughts

Concerns about water security often inform climate risk-related decisions made by environmentally focused investors. Yet share prices do not always reflect potential liabilities for damage caused by extreme flood and drought events linked to global warming.

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A moral approach to climate-friendly investing

Climate remains a significant theme in ethical and sustainable investing. Global warming may be the greatest threat that humanity, and…

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A Dirty Business: investing in a new coal mine is not a sustainable investment

Environmental groups are opposing plans for a new coal mine at Whitehaven, Cumbria. The mine was initially approved by Cumbria…

The climate questions advisers should be asking fund houses

CISI member and P1 Investment Management head of research and ethical investing Quintin Rayer explains how advisers can select climate-friendly…

It it Moral to use Taxes to support Fossil Fuels?

In this short article by Dr Quintin Rayer, P1’s Head of research and ethical investing, begins summarising the moral argument…